Content Base

Next-Level Content Management: The intelligent content management system with full API access

  • Content Centralisation and Clear Data Structures for Enhanced Efficiency

    The Facelift Cloud Content Base module gives you the power to centrally define, manage, and publish your content as and where you want. It follows an API-first approach. Hence, all of your content is available through the provided API. You yourself get to define how your content is processed. The data format and content scope can be freely defined and scaled. The form has already been predefined for your editors: They get to simply concentrate on creating new content.

  • Maximum Efficiency Through a Focus on Core Competences

    The Content Base workflow has been divided such that each role can focus on its core activities: Your administrator defines how the content should be pieced together and what data is needed. He/ she establishes dependencies and ensures the integrity of the data by way of various validation and restriction rules. Your editors get to focus all of their energy on creating quality content. Your frontend developers retrieve the created content directly from the API or use one of our SDKs. The API provides the plain data so that each role determines the type and location of the release. The front-end team thus enjoys maximum freedom in the design of the data presented. It can determine in which form and on which network or device the content is displayed. The Content Base module allows for a clear separation of competencies so that you can focus on the know-how and strengths of your employees.

  • Your Data Follows Your Marketing Strategy

    The Content Base does not provide any templates. Data is processed and forwarded without any adjustments. This saves you from time-consuming data migration, avoids rigid structures, and increases the flexibility of your data usage. Did you always have to create and maintain different content for different output formats, social media channels, or devices in the past? This time-consuming procedure is eliminated thanks to the Content Base. By centralising your database, this module will make for high-level effectiveness in the future.

The Most Important Features at a Glance

  • Efficiency Through a Strong Focus

    Clear role allocation according to competences (administrator, editor, frontend) for maximum efficiency

  • API-First Approach

    Maximum data control through direct API access to all data

  • Free Data Structure

    You get to freely define your data structure in an unrestricted manner

  • Central Content Database

    Simple and central content management and maintenance

  • SDK Utilisation

    SDK support for quick API access

  • The Main Focus Is on Your Content

    Your content takes centre stage - the output channel and format are flexible

Further advantages of the Content Base Module can be found in our PDF brochure

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