Rock Out With Facelift at OMR 2022!

Brian Powers
Brian Powers

Suit up and get ready to rock because on May 17th and 18th, something explosive this way comes!  


OMR brings together experts in the digital marketing world from every corner of the planet (yes, we know planets don't have corners...) together in one space. After two years of a pandemic that shut the doors on the event, it's truly set to be a stellar couple of days, and we're thrilled to be taking part in 2022.

We'll be set up in booth D13, in the premium exhibition hall A1, so come on down and say hello! (Or moin!, if that works better).

Facelift will also be presenting our own digital masterclass on the topic of social audio, video, and live content. Check it out here. Our masterclass will be held in German, but plenty of others will be available in English, so take a look at the program and find something interesting!

The event attracts thousands of visitors from across many different industries who attend to showcase their products or services, lend their expert knowledge through consultations, demos, and presentations, or masterclasses, etc. You can even attend a pretty rad party! 

In addition to Facelift, some of the more than 500 businesses in attendance will include brands such as Google, Meta, Twitch, Audi, Adobe, and many of the other biggest global names in digital media, social, tech, and more. We stopped counting, but if you want to, you can check out this link and see for yourself.  

The festival is set to be way more than just a bunch of business bros in suits, too. In addition to your usual lineup of CEOs and marketing execs, a bunch of big-name artists and creators are going to be making appearances, including Quentin Tarantino and Ashton Kutcher, among others.

There're few better opportunities in the world of digital marketing to network, catch up with clients both current and prospective, and to learn a thing or two, so we sincerely hope to see you there.

If you're already a Facelift customer, we'd love to have you come down and meet face-to-face with your customer success partner on the other end of the phone. If you're not yet a customer, come anyway and we'll talk a little about why that should change!  

Here's the recap video from 2019 in case you'd like a taste of what's to come: 



See you there! 


Oh! And while we've got your attention, we've got a pretty rockin' opportunity of our own going on right now! New Facelift customers can save up to 30% on new product subscriptions! This offer is only available until June 15th and is not to be missed. Take a look at our free trial page and find out how to redeem your discount.  



Brian Powers
Brian Powers

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A New Yorker in Hamburg, Brian is facelift's content marketing manager. With over a decade of experience in content and social, he is responsible for creating much of facelift's English digital content, in particular the facelift blog, guides and downloads, as well as the writer and co-director of facelift's YouTube series "The Socials".
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