Facelift Social Network Sessions 2022 Recap

Brian Powers
Brian Powers

On March 30th, we held our annual Facelift Social Network Sessions and this year was a resounding success! We hosted 8 digital sessions presented by experts from several of the world's most prominent social media companies, who shared their expert insights with a larger audience than we've ever had! 

But if you weren't in attendance this year, or are looking for a recap of the content, we've got you covered. Here you can discover most of the recordings freely available. 

We began our day with a presentation by LinkedIn's Manuel Kekeisen, the Independent Agency Lead DACH. The theme of the presentation was B2B Marketing Trends 2022 - Situational Cues and Strategies.



Some key takeaways:

  • What is everyone else doing? A better question might be: what is nobody else doing?
  • The best ads drive sales over a long period of time because most buyers aren't ready to buy right away.
  • Most marketers don't think situationally
  • It is important to focus on building - and maintaining - memories 


Our next presenter, Snap's Sector performance Lead Jan Müller, expanded our horizons with his presentation on the role of augmented reality as it pertains to shopping trends in 2022. This session was fascinating because it focused on a concept that many, if not most, businesses have not really considered: AR.



Some key takeaways:

  • The prevalence of e-commerce will continue to grow, even post-pandemic.
  • Mobile tech will only continue to develop and expand in its capabilities.
  • One future for e-commerce is the ability of consumers to check out products in augmented reality before they buy and even entire virtual shopping experiences.

Meta (Facebook)

What would a Facelift Social Network Sessions event be without an presentation from the world's continued reigning champion in social media, Facebook? Christine Wedl, Client Partner for Beauty & Care DACH delved into the world of discovery commerce.


Some key takeaways:

  • A fundamental shift in the way people shop means online shopping is less of an intentional activity and more of a constant state on social media.
  • The traditional "path to purchase" has collapsed, and consumers now often go straight from discovery to purchase
  • Personalization defines the new shopping experience for many social media buyers


Considered to be the number one platform for inspiration, Pinterest brands itself as a visual search engine more than a social media site per se. This gives a unique angle for marketers and businesses looking to expand on how their services and products are discovered.

Pinterest's Tamer Batan, Head of Sales for the DACH region helped to bring the power of Pinterest to life with his session: "It's Different Here - How to Win on Pinterest".

Check it out:



Some key takeaways:

  • When people come to Pinterest they are searching for inspiration in their lives
  • Pinterest is an ideal platform for helping users to shape their future
  • The shopping experience on Pinterest is different because it isn't based on others. It's highly customized based on the interests and desires of the user


Beginning a couple of years ago, TikTok began taking the world by storm - a trend that is only increasing as time goes by, especially with the younger generations. While TikTok has not been immediately embraced by all businesses, the potential in this area is staggering, as TikTok's Kathrin Franssen, Head of Agency Partnerships DACH, expressed in her presentation "What's Next - Insights into what Drives Culture and Brand Impact on TikTok". 



Some key takeaways:

  • TikTok is a highly entertainment- centric platform. "You don't check TikTok, you watch TikTok".
  • The goal for businesses, just as with non-businesses, is to focus on creation rather than advertising
  • TikTok brings with it a high degree of authenticity that isn't always present on other platforms, and leveraging this is how businesses and organizations can also thrive.

There's so much more!

We've barely scratched the surface. Each of our expert sessions was jam-packed with heaps of great content and expert insights that could significantly change the way your team approaches its social media. 

Facelift Social Network Sessions 2022 was a hit, and we're really thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with all of our amazing guest presenters yet again. 

So please take a look at our videos, enjoy the presentations, and feel free to share this page on your own social networks! We hope to see you again next year when Facelift Social Network Sessions 2023 will be held (we hope!) in person.

In the meantime, if you've enjoyed these presentations, you can also take a look at FSNS 2021's recordings which can be found by following this link!

Brian Powers
Brian Powers

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