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Brian Powers
Brian Powers

On February 24th, 2022, the Russian Federation invaded its western neighbor Ukraine, sparking the displacement of more than 12 million Ukrainian citizens, many of whom have arrived in Germany and are in need of aid. 


facelift is directly supporting Ukrainian Future 

UKRAINIAN FUTURE Hilfe-Verein e.V., was formed here in Hamburg specifically to offer services to those displaced in Germany and elsewhere. They provide legal services, psychological crisis aid, language courses and other educational support for children and teens, as well as offer what medical support they can via humanitarian and green corridors. 

UF looks to grow an Internet platform that helps to link Ukrainians, humanitarian groups, businesses, and others together for support purposes and keeps the vision of a "sustainable international understanding and the transfer of basic democratic values for an open civil society in Ukraine." 

facelift is proud to be a supporter of Ukrainian Future and the Ukrainian people, and as such are working together with the non-profit to provide social media management assistance via our platform. Ukrainian Future makes extensive use of its social media platforms to connect its many followers and supporters throughout Germany and Europe, and we're so pleased to provide our platform to UF to assist with their management and growth. 

As part of our support, facelift is not only providing our platform free of charge, but also providing platform management training to Ukrainian Future's team.  

In addition, we're also supporting this initiative with Social Share, facelift's accompanying corporate influencer app. With Social Share, Ukrainian Future will work closely with dozens of influencers and communicators in their support network to provide relevant and up-to-date information to a wider audience. 

To dig a bit deeper into Ukrainian Future's activities here and abroad, and to learn more about their story, we spoke with their vice president Ganna Preine-Kosach about some of our questions, which you can read here. 


Q: Could you tell us a bit about what Ukrainian Future has been using social media to do, or what it plans to do? 

A: First of all, we started from the very beginning with the ability to inform Ukrainians who came to Germany about what life in Germany is like and what laws and rules there are, as well as where they can find support. We conducted a large survey via our Telegram channel that included over 100,000 Ukrainians in Germany, and so we knew that almost 95% of Ukrainians are getting their information only through social media. That's why we created Facebook and Instagram pages.  

Now, because of our projects, we are starting fundraising and we are creating separate pages for German and English-speaking target groups. With this, we want to reach as many people as possible who want to support our operations. It will also help us to build a new humanitarian brand because the well-known international Red Cross, ASB, and others, have not managed to support the Ukrainians in this war. Most of the support that we have received for people in war zones comes from private persons and entrepreneurs.  


Q: What are the biggest struggles that Ukrainian Future continues to face in its online efforts? 

A: For us, the biggest difficulty is to supply reliable information, because things are constantly changing. Plus, to build contacts with people. 


Q: We hear a lot about the information war that is going on behind the scenes of the war on the ground. How can users here in Germany, Ukrainians throughout Europe and around the world, and their supporters use social media to sort of push back against misinformation or propaganda? 

A: First, it is essential to keep the information field clean, to constantly explain the truth, to moderate malicious talk and to report false information to social media platforms. One of the mistakes that we saw regarding the Coronavirus in the beginning was a lack of information. Now we don't have to repeat the same mistakes. 


Q: Of course, we have to ask, what are your expectations of, and applications for facelift? What role do you foresee it playing in Ukrainian Future’s online efforts? 

A: We have a large team with 35 volunteers and many of them work only a few hours per day and a few days per week. With your tool, we expect to create a perfect overview of the whole project, to moderate and control all our channels, as well as ease the jobs of volunteers. 

Q: We understand that you’re planning on using facelift's Social Share to cooperate with Ukrainian influencers. Can you tell us anything about how many influencers you are working with or what their roles will be in your mission? 

A: We have close contact with 12 public figures and 5 influencers from Ukraine with whom we plan to cooperate for our projects. We also have a large group of German influencers for fundraising, awareness, and humanitarian aid. 

Q: A lot of businesses and organizations seem to want to do something to support organizations such as Ukrainian Future, but many may not know the best way to go about doing it. Is there something you can suggest to the people who may read this article about helping out and getting involved? 


A: We would like to inform entrepreneurs about this in a reasonable way and demonstrate the possible advantages of cooperation. 



Once again, facelift is happy to be working with Ukrainian Future and is looking forward to following their progress and mission, as well as offering what added support that we can. 

If you would like to learn more about facelift’s cooperation with Ukrainian Future, you can check out our recent podcast episode in which Ganna Preine-Kosach spoke with us in more depth about the project and how social media plays a role in their ongoing efforts.


Podcast available in German only.


Brian Powers
Brian Powers

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