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Big Fernand:
Delivering Mouthwatering Social Media Success with facelift

Discover how this French restaurant chain effectively manages a social media strategy on over 50 profiles

Big Fernand has grown steadily since its inception in 2012 and currently operates dozens of restaurants in France. With its premium offerings and unorthodox communication style, Big Fernand has managed to corner the burger market, and while it's burgers speak for themselves, its social media presence, fueled by facelift, is also driving growth.

How much growth? Read about it in Big Fernand's facelift success story. Download it here. 

Delivering Mouthwatering Social Media Success with facelift

How does one conquer the burger market on social media? Ask Big Fernand!

  • Effective management of a Social Media Strategy with over 50 profiles

  • Management of 5000 interactions per month

  • Unify the brand image and communication across the various Social Networks

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