Optimize your Social Media Marketing with facelift.

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  • Community management and content planning for all social networks in just one tool
  • Centrally track all KPIs of your Social Media activities
  • Excellent role/rights management, even for complex team structures
  • GDPR compliant through ISO 27001 certification

Our most important products at a glance..


One-Click Cross-Channel Content Publishing!

Via a single workflow, you can create content, select channels, and post to all social media channels. Even external teams can collaborate on the same projects. Approval processes are shortened significantly. Templates ensure that your own CI standards are maintained.


Efficient Social Customer Care and Community Management!

A single inbox for all of your social media channels: All user comments, questions, and conversations can be found in the Unified Inbox. Automated tags and alerts allow you to quickly review and prioritise all messages.


Helping You See the Big Picture at All Times!

The facelift Analytics knows only one task: To provide you with a quick overview of all relevant information concerning your social media marketing activities – so that you will be able to immediately recognise where any intervention is needed.


Identify relevant topics and trends - with Content Inspiration!

Creative theme selection is not possible at the push of a button? From now on it is. Our Content Inspiration is the most efficient path to relevant content.


Trust based on security.

facelift is the market leader for social media management software, hosted entirely in Germany. It is ISO 27001 certified, compliant with DSGVO and meets the highest security standards.
We are also an official partner of Meta and Pinterest, as well as a provider of WhatsApp Business.
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