One platform, all social networks.

With Facelift, you are given central access to all your social media channels.
Facelift supports Facebook, Instagram, X (Twitter), WhatsApp, YouTube, TikTok, Google Business, Pinterest, XING and LinkedIn.

Our most important solutions at a glance.

Create publish posts

Schedule and publish social media posts. with one click!

In a single workflow, you can create content, select networks and publish to all social media channels. Approval processes are greatly simplified and templates help you maintain your CI standards.


Community management easily across all networks! 

A single inbox for all your social media channels: All user comments, questions and conversations can be found in the Unified Inbox. Automated tags and alerts allow you to quickly review and prioritize all messages.

Social media data in one place light

All social media data in one place. So that you always have the big picture in view! 

facelift analytics gives you a quick overview of all relevant information about your social media activities – so you can immediately see where action is needed.