Activate the personal brands of your corporate influencers.

Unlock the full potential of your corporate influencers to build trust, increase brand awareness, and ultimately drive sales.


Measure the success of your brand ambassadors.

Social media metrics can help you understand a lot, including what content types perform best, what connections give you the biggest boost, what day of the week is best for posting, etc.

By using Facelift's social media analytics, you can easily benchmark your brand ambassadors' performance on social against peers.

Understand what posts perform and why, how you can improve the content strategy for your corporate influencers, and how frequently you should publish content against the competition.

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Explore the Ultimate Personal Branding Benefits in Facelift

Consistency presents a challenge in the process of building a personal brand. For example, the posting frequencies may differ if your audience is spread across platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Facelift makes planning, publishing, and analyzing on all relevant social media networks easy.

Schedule and Publish on all relevant social networks, including Instagram Business and Creator Profiles, LinkedIn personal Profiles, YouTube Channels, and more social networks.

Trust software
Reliable and Scalable.

We're proud of our engineering team for making Facelift available around the clock. Frictionless work in publishing and customer care so you can concentrate on what's important.

Secure reliable.
Security and Privacy.

Facelift is independently audited by TÜV Rheinland based on information security standard ISO 27001. Our software is hosted on servers in Germany and completely GDPR compliant.

Best customer service
Customer Service.

Our customer service is available globally 24/7 and rated with an overall 97% satisfaction score. Solution-oriented customer success experts proactively amplify your success with Facelift.

Skalierbar Unternehmensgroessen
Applicable for all sizes.

Facelift is a fit for any social media management team, no matter if you are a small social media team, a medium-sized company or a big enterprise with complex team structures.

One platform, all social networks.

With Facelift, you are given central access to all your social media channels.
Facelift supports Facebook, Instagram, X (Twitter), WhatsApp, YouTube, TikTok, Google Business, Pinterest, XING and LinkedIn.