Collaborate effectively with distributed teams.

With Discussions in Facelift, you can effortlessly engage external stakeholders in seamless collaboration with clients while creating and approving social media posts, seek feedback from partners, and enhance relationships with influencers to craft powerful and impactful social media content.

  • Collaborate seamlessly on social media posts while they are being created through interactive discussions
  • Deliver a comprehensive briefing for new posts or offer your valuable feedback when giving approval or declining a post
  • Choose whether a unique profile should be allocated to a designated owner, resulting in the redirection of new comments and messages to their personal inbox

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“With Facelift, numerous Facebook pages of our retailers can be managed with little time investment.”

Julia Denkert
Julia Denkert
Online Communications Manager

“Tremendous variety of functions, which can also be adapted to personal needs. Irreplaceable when processes are to be automated and scaled.”

Nils Scholz
Nils Scholz
Referent for Digital Marketing
Generali Deutschland AG

“What I like most about Facelift is the intuitive use of the tool, as well as the wide range of options and the good personal support.”

Sarah Zarges
Sarah Zarges
Online Marketing Manager
SPAX International GmbH & Co. KG