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Knowledge Is Key. Knowing More Is Monitoring.

Across the digital media landscape, unmanageable amounts of news, tweets, blogs, forums, and reviews are published every single minute. Facelift Cloud offers a range of highly qualified partner products that will help you master this information.

In turn, you will always be aware how, when, and what is said about your brand, products, or services. Who are the relevant opinion leaders or brand ambassadors? Hence, you will be able to gain insights, seize opportunities, avert crises in good time, and locate your influencers (influencer detection).


Really Listen to Your Users and Build Trust

Using definable keywords, digital search agents track your topics, products, and services across the web. This allows you to proactively participate in public discussions and establish customer proximity - whether on Twitter, Facebook, forums, or blogs. If you are able to understand and inspire an entire community in an animated discussion, you can win over satisfied customers.

On request, you can combine online-based data with TV, radio, and print content. In turn, you can draw on comprehensive press clippings and complete analyses from one central source.


Curb Crises and Communication Risks

Before shitstorms, provocations, and complaints are able to uncontrollably spread across several types of media, setting up alerts is recommended. Selected groups of people are then notified via e-mail in due time and can thus avert crises in a timely manner. A set of predefined criteria has to be met in order to be able to set up notifications. Whether it's keywords with negative connotations, a certain amount of content, content-volume percentage increases, or other features, Facelift Cloud users can define their own criteria.


We Trust in the Power of Our Partnerships

The Most Important Features at a Glance

monitoring - extensive source coverage

Extensive Source Coverage

Over 400 million online sources, 1000 podcasts, and 100 relevant TV and radio stations

monitoring - real-time mood barometer

Real-Time Mood Barometer

Curable, adaptive sentiment analysis

monitoring - unique virality check

Unique Virality Check

Innovative spread analysis of your topics

monitoring - crowdsourcing feature

Crowdsourcing Feature

For content that’s completely tailored to your customers

monitoring - intelligent alerts and newsletter

Intelligent Alerts and Newsletter

Early crisis recognition and professional aversion

monitoring - insight into historical data

Insight into Historical Data

Retrospective analyses possible at any time

monitoring - global reach

Global Reach

Over 70 supported languages in more than 230 countries

monitoring - export feature

Export Feature

Provision of data for further processing and for presentation purposes

Further advantages of the Monitoring Module can be found in our PDF brochure

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