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Create Professional Reports in an Instant

A variety of data widgets are available for your individual reports. Simply combine them via drag & drop. By linking to your social media channels or cloud apps, such as Google Analytics, you can centrally access scattered data silos. This allows you to translate your findings into data-based, sustainable action even more quickly.

You can always be sure that your data and your analyses are safe: Facelift Cloud is ISO 27001 certified and meets the highest data protection standards.


Save Time and Money: Schedule and Automatically Update Reports

Managing and manually inserting updates? With Facelift Cloud, this is a thing of the past: Via the Reports Module, you can create, schedule, and automatically update reports. You will receive email reminders as soon as planned reports are available, allowing you to act right away. Within minutes, you are ready for the next quarterly or target achievement meeting. The intelligent role and rights management system also lets you easily define who can access which report.


Present Successfully – Anywhere, Anytime

The Facelift Cloud Reports Module provides an integrated, powerful presentation tool. This tool allows you to intuitively create templates on the basis of your own design specifications. All of this right at the place of analysis. This all-in-one solution saves you a lot of time when preparing several separate presentations. Moreover, you will be able to effectively and directly showcase all of your KPIs via this tool. If necessary, you can easily export your charts and insights to all common formats.


The Most Important Features at a Glance

all kpis at a single glance

All KPIs at a Single Glance

Track all desired social media activities and map them in one central location

individual reports

Individual Reports

Reports individually configurable via drag & drop

present at the highest level

Present at the Highest Level

Integrated presentation tool to showcase KPIs directly from Facelift Cloud in a time-saving manner

export to all popular formats-1

Export to All Popular Formats

Easy export of KPIs as PDF, JPG, CSV, PNG, XLS, or SVG

created and distributed automatically

Created and Distributed Automatically

Schedule reports and automatically update them on a regular basis

user interface featuring your unique design

User Interface Featuring Your Unique Design

Customise reports according to your own CI specifications

mail alerts

Mail Alerts

Email reminders when scheduled reports are available

access rights and control

Access Rights and Control

Assign authorisations for reports and create dedicated templates

Further advantages of the Reports Module can be found in our PDF brochure

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