Turn employees into brand ambassadors - with Facelift Cloud Social Share

Facelift Social Share provides your employees and resellers with ready-to-share content to allow for distribution to their private or business networks.

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Trust is crucial for turning your employees into your brand ambassadors.

Social Share für Webseite - Volle Kontrolle und Übersicht über Posts und Shares

They alone decide...

  • if and what they share
  • when and where they share
  • to whom they share

Insightful analytics help you boost the performance of your content even further.



  • best performing content
  • employees who share the most
  • networks with the most shares

Your employees and resellers don't have to spend ages sharing your brand messages.

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Social Share App is...

  • easy to use
  • available on iOS and Android
  • a playful experience

Success Story:
Facelift Social Share in use at HDI

In order to unlock the potential of distributors as brand ambassadors, HDI (Haftpflichtverband der Deutschen Industrie) tested Facelift Social Share in a joint pilot project.

Learn more about interesting insights and the pilot project's key results.

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Over 2,000 customers trust us

Facelift Cloud Moderation suits every company size and team structure. We have been partnering with companies from numerous industries and countries for many years. It is our pleasure to support them in the implementation and optimum usage of Facelift Cloud. We're very proud of our broad customer base and their continued success.

We help you to achieve quantifiable business results

  • Our customer service is available globally 24/7 and rated with an overall 97% satisfaction score

  • Solution-oriented account partners proactively amplify your success with Facelift Cloud

  • We partner with many important networks, agencies and other tool providers, to ensure full impact on social