Analyze Everything: The Next Generation of Social Media Intelligence

Tom Merkel
Tom Merkel
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Analyze Everything: The Next Generation of Social Media Intelligence

As a social media expert, you know better than anyone the power that informed social media campaigns can bring to brands. That's why we're bringing you Analyze, our new and improved data and reporting tool. Let's look at why we're doing this and what's in store.

Facelift has learned many lessons over the years. We’ve watched as several social media platforms have grown to prominence – or fallen from grace – and we’ve been there with you as you've harnessed their power. We've also learned a lot about what makes the difference between good social media management and excellent social media orchestration: data!

Data and reporting have always been a part of the Facelift suite of tools, but as the needs of our customers change and winning on social media becomes harder, we recognized the need to grow, adapt, and make improvements that not only make Facelift more competitive, but the market leader in our space.

That’s why we acquired quintly in 2022. quintly is acclaimed for its world-leading social media data and analytics software. Since then, our mission has been to harness the power of social media data to innovate a completely new social media insights tool based on the highest quality data on the planet: Analyze!

We're changing how social media data is used—not just as a number-crunching exercise for quarterly reports, but as a strategic asset central to modern content and communication orchestration. We want our users to not only have the finest data quality and clarity in the world, but also to derive actionable insights that drive real, tangible business results.

What's under the hood this time?

  • All your data in one place in your Global Performance Overview
  • Pre-built dashboards with essential KPIs
  • Export charts (PDF, PNG, XLSX, CSV)
  • The best data anywhere
  • Benchmarking profiles for competition analysis
  • Share results with key stakeholders
  • Transparency and metrics

All your data under one roof

Analyze brings you your new Global Performance Overview, a reporting workspace that provides everything you want in a single place! We're focusing on making data and reporting easier for users to see and use. Within the GPO, pre-built dashboards allow access to your most essential KPIs.


The highest quality data anywhere. Really.

This release enables the retrieval and comparison of data by integrating Analyze with our Data Layer. This is what enables Analyze to reach the level of data clarity that it can, thanks to a centralized repository that collects and organizes data from the social media networks. This facilitates consistent and structured data management that is unmatched by any competing system.

Easily export reports for all your stakeholders

We know that social media managers wear a lot of hats. In addition to creating all that amazing content, managing your community, and planning awesome campaigns, you've also got to prove to your stakeholders that what you're doing is working.

We've made this easier and less time-consuming! You now have the possibility to export charts in formats such as PDF, PNG, XLSX, and CSV, so they can be quickly and easily passed along via Slack, Teams, or via email to whoever needs them.


Benchmarking profiles

Need to keep an eye on the competition? Analyze makes this easier than ever thanks to the addition of benchmarking profiles. Now you can see what everyone else in your industry is up to and make sure that you stay one step ahead on trends with your content.

Being able to visualize what others are doing in your space before crafting the perfect content lets you outmaneuver your competitors and give the answers, support, and information your followers want first.

Transparency and metrics explained

Furthermore, we want you to not only take advantage of data to guide your social media campaigns, but to really understand it yourself. That's why we've added detailed metric summaries that explain where the data you're using is coming from, how it is generated, and some hints on what you could do with it.

Third-party integrations (coming soon!)

It’s always great when the tools in our toolkits can speak to one another and exchange info. It simplifies our workflows and cuts back on the clutter of software products that build up at virtually every large company!

We’ll be strengthening our integrations with other third-party platforms such as Google Analytics, so you can do more in a single workspace and close some of those browser tabs!

Your data solution

Data can be overwhelming, and creating quarterly reports probably isn't the highlight of your job – we get it! At the end of the day, Facelift exists to make the day-to-day work of social media managers easier and more streamlined, and with Analyze we're looking to take the guesswork out of the equation, speed up the analysis process, and ensure that your stakeholders keep funding your TikTok videos.

Analyze helps you to tell your story. It helps you to read the room, listen to your audience in a new way, and visualize where your effort and money are going.

You’ve spoken to us, and we’ve listened to your feedback and thought of ways to improve our product. We'd love for you to give Analyze a go right now! Take advantage of better data that lets you do more and let us know if it addresses your needs.

As Analyze grows and develops over the coming months, we expect to provide even more major improvements and connect with more of the networks you love, so stay tuned!

Try it out now!

Tom Merkel
Tom Merkel

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