All social media data in one place.

All data in one central place. Dashboards for your most relevant KPIs. Aligned reports for your team. Dynamic competitive analysis to be one step ahead of the pack.

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Social media data in one place
Centralized social media data.

Facelift Analytics makes collecting, tracking, visualizing, and analyzing data from social media networks easy. Work on your data together as a team. 

Dashboard Templates
Dashboard templates.

Use our convenient dashboard templates for instant insights into your social media data. Select a network and profile and get a predefined set of KPIs delivered.

Dynamic competetive analytics
Competitive intelligence.

Create benchmarking groups to keep track of your most important competitors. See if they made structural changes to their social media communication and which type of content perform best.


Efficiently analyze your social media data.

Are you still managing and manually inserting KPIs into your charts? This belongs to the past if you are using with facelift! Use our convenient dashboard templates for instant insights. Choose single social media profiles to see KPIs from the last months or create an overview of all your profiles over different networks to see which one performs best.

Within minutes, you'll be ready for the next social media analytics meeting. Our intelligent role and rights management system lets you easily define who can access which data giving you full control.

Dashboard templates
Widget catalogue

Include third-party data sources.

Extend your data sources by easily integrating data from third-party tools. The Google Analytics widgets make it easy to track your website visitors.

This way, you can consolidate and analyze all the social media statistics you need in one central place.

Talkwalker integration

Export KPIs as PDF or Excel file.

Within minutes, you'll be ready for the next social media analytics meeting. facelift Analytics lets you simply export KPIs to Excel or charts as images.

Scheduled Reports and the whole dashboard can be downloaded as PDF or xlsx files to send or show to your colleagues and boss.

Excel export
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Competitive analysis to be one step ahead.

In Benchmarking, you can easily compare your own profiles with the most important competitors. Add individual profiles from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube and compare the public data dynamically and up-to-date at any time.

You can immediately recognize whether your competitor has made structural changes to his social media communication, merely got lucky, or whether the entire industry is experiencing a seasonal effect.

Schedule recurring and CI compliant reports.

Without reporting and regular analysis, you throw away money, resources, and, worst of all, potential. It's not enough in social media to do a yearly audit to evaluate complex campaigns, as topicality and trends play a huge role in success.

With Facelift Reports, drawing up CI-compliant monthly or even weekly reports for your regular performance reviews is easy. Add your logo and corporate design, choose the fitting widgets, and simply present them in your browser. You can use the time saved to produce better content.

Save time working as a team.

Manage and manually insert updates? Make it a thing of the past with facelift Reports. Schedule and get your report automatically. Receive reminders per e-mail when reports are ready and take action. Thanks to our roles and rights system you define who has access to which report at all times.

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Successful presentation
Successful presentations.

Facelift Reports comes with a built-in presentation mode. No need to export to PowerPoint, just present straight from the browser at your next target achievement meeting.

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Secure reliable
Highest data protection standards.

Facelift is independently audited by TÜV Rheinland based on information security standard ISO 27001. Our software is hosted on servers in Germany and completely GDPR compliant.

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Third party integration
facelift + quintly
Advanced social media analytics, delivered with unrivaled quality, customization, and flexibility. Get extensive or layered insights, take action faster and keep up with other players.
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Publish across teams and analyze the impact.

Whether you want to plan and publish your social media posts at scale or analyze the performance of your content - with our marketing solution, we help you take your social media presence to the next level.

Inspiration Campaign planning
Get inspired and plan relevant content.

Always be on top of all your strategic and editorial planning - with campaigns, events and posts within the calendar. 

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Create publish posts
Create posts and publish on all channels.

The intuitive and easy to use post creation process ensures high quality content on all your networks. 

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Post performance
Mesasure the performance of your posts.

Get a quick overview of your posts and optimize your social media strategy accordingly to repeat success.

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Brand ambassadors with facelift.

With over 20,000 employees, German insurance Giant HDI (Haftpflichtverband der Deutschen Industrie) wanted to find a way to tap into the potential of its sales partners as brand ambassadors. To do that, they would need to create a simple and straightforward system that allowed them to roll out an internal influencer campaign.

HDI took advantage of facelift’s Social Share tool, an app-based program that allows companies to leverage their own employees for greater social media exposure. With Social Share, HDI was able to prove success over a 6 week pilot with their sales team, and see expanded interest throughout the company.

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International brand building with facelift.

HORSCH Maschinen GmbH sought to build its social media presence by sharing its industry expertise in a way that really created added value to its current and future customers. The mission was international brand building.

With the assistance of facelift, HORSCH has been able to expand its social media activities internationally to reach future buyers and on a larger scale. facelift made it easy for the company’s teams to coordinate their efforts across borders and across languages.

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Individualized social media campaigns for each store locations.

International French grocery and wholesaler Carrefour wanted to build customer loyalty by enhancing the customer service experience at the local level, to expand their catchment are, and generate more traffic at their points of sale.

Carrefour used facelift to create independent and individualised social media campaigns for each of its store locations that could focus on their local communities and customer requirements.

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Handle community management on a very large scale with facelift.

French cosmetic company Caudalie needed to create an ultra-personalised, customer-centric social media strategy across its vast social media ecosystem. The strategy also had to be scaled for an international roll-out.

facelift helped Caudalie by providing the moderation tools necessary to handle community management on a very large scale and across international teams operating in different languages. It also allowed them to coordinate their editorials between teams for dozens of social media pages.

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