ChatGPT Strategies for Social Media Marketing

Sofia Podkopaeva
Sofia Podkopaeva
ChatGPT Strategies for Social Media Marketing

Sofia Podkopaeva was a Facelift intern for a few weeks in January 2024. During her stay, we wanted to get some teenage perspective on how AI and social media interact, particularly how we can all use ChatGPT for social media creation.

Here's what she has to say on the subject:

Introduction to ChatGPT in social media marketing

We all know ChatGPT has gained unimaginable popularity among chatbots. Based on a large linguistic model, ChatGPT can reproduce human language and generate information of almost human-like quality based on the prompt.   

As a member of Gen Z, I can confidently say that AI is the future. Come on, even in schools; some tasks are already formulated by it! How will this change in 5 years? 

A lot has happened in the last five years. During COVID, we learned to do everything online - work, study, meet, and shop.... And it turns out that it's not so bad. But it also means that all our social activities have also gone downhill... So, has social media as well???  

Well, it hasn't! It's still as popular a platform for realizing yourself and your brand as it was.  

But AI has entered the arena! Is it going to destroy social media? Let's learn how to turn it in our favor! 

One opportunity to integrate AI into our everyday life is using ChatGPT.  In this age of self-actualization, where everyone wants to be first, sales and marketing have made it the number 1 tool. But what makes ChatGPT so useful for them? 

Its ability to change style is simply amazing!  This skill -the ability to mimic human preferences- is necessary in sales and marketing, where flexibility and freedom of expression are very much needed. But can I use an AI to do that? How do I get the best results? How do I ensure that my sensitive data won’t become public while using AI? 

Let’s find out. 


What is social media marketing? 

Social media marketing is the use of different social media platforms to search for new customers, e.g. promoting the product during posting an engaging through likes, reposts, followers, etc. 

What is ChatGPT? 

ChatGPT, short for Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer, is a large language model (LLM) that can generate meaningful answers and solutions due to its massive amount of input. Moreover, it might help develop and perform SEO* tasks. 

*SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization 

How ChatGPT can help in optimizing your SEO 

Confused about leveraging SMM within strategic marketing? Uncertain about integrating it into your content creation? Lacking promotional experience? Embrace the solution: ChatGPT! 

Here's what you can do with it: 

  • Rewrite, check grammar and style. 
  • Sometimes, the “machine” can be more conceptual, which is important for employer branding. It also could be valuable if the content is relevant to a specific use case. In addition, it can check the grammar and the style of text and rewrite it if necessary, building on previous successful ideas. 
  • ChatGPT allows you to automate responses to clients and chatbots, which saves a lot of time – you just need to send a prompt with context (client review, complaint, support request – anything) and wait 2 seconds until you receive an answer. But checking your result before publishing is always better because ChatGPT still makes mistakes. 
  • ChatGPT can prototype your content to create the right message for your target audience.

ChatGPT alternatives 

Google Bard 

Basically, Google Bard is Google’s app to compete with ChatGPT. However, Google Bard is better at simplification, which is a needed feature in social media marketing – audiences prefer this, and social media often has text limits. 

Microsoft Bing Chat 

Microsoft Bing Chat is Microsoft’s chatbot based on an upgraded ChatGPT. It provides sources and processes with the capability to generate visual representations. 


Claude is a next-generation AI assistant that can solve problems such as struggles with summarization, search, creativity, coding, etc. 


It is an advantage to use ChatGPT for social media marketing!  

ChatGPT brings many advantages to the digital market. Here are some its most potent ones: 

  • Finding solutions to all sorts of problems 
  • ChatGPT is a great developer tool and can create code in a number of languages
  • High-quality text content generation 
  • ChatGPT powers Dall-e 3, OpenAI's very powerful image generator 

Figuring out solutions.

It happens that no matter how deep your research is, you have missed something, struggled with summarizing your thoughts, or produced a question you cannot find the answer to...ChatGPT can assist you with those matters through chat. 

Developer tool.

Data analysis often requires many person-hours, which is not that productive. Chat GPT can help in social media marketing by using different tools to automate processes, analyse data and perfect operational flow works. 

Text and image generation.

The most important thing in marketing is adaptability. But to adapt to each client? The ChatGPT function for changing style, language, and subject will cope with the task perfectly, so no post will be a problem. 

ChatGPT powers Dall-e 3.

This new feature is quite recent - it was only made available in October '23. But how many useful things you can do with it? Let's take a closer look. It can generate images in various styles - from emoji to Romanticism paintings. You can also move and modify an object on an already-finished piece! The DALL-E neural network generates an image based on a textual description in English, and CLIP (Constructive language pre-training) is the assistant that selects the appropriate models for your request 😊. 

Tips for improving your social media marketing using AI 

To use artificial intelligence to succeed in the field of media (websites, social networks, etc.), you need to watch these parameters: 

Know who your audience is. 

It is important to know to whom you want to promote. Otherwise, your content will not be helpful. Knowing your audience also influences the writing style and choice of words, so, try to consider this. 

The content should be useful and eye-catching. 

The generated content should not only offer a solution suitable for the client, but also be convincing – bright, promising and of high quality. It will help to build trust in your content.  

There must be a general content check.

The more correctly the query is formulated, the more appropriate the answer will be. The more detailed you phrase the question, the less likely the AI is to gluconate. Moreover, search engines prioritize well-crafted sources in their rankings, so checking your grammar and vocabulary never hurts. 

Data protection with ChatGPT

It is important to realize that the GPT chat room is not a private tool that only you have access to, so all the data asked can be uploaded to the cloud and used as the basis of data for future responses (provided it is relevant to the question asked), or become public in the event of a data breach.

Furthermore, Open AI's privacy policy states that the company may share users' confidential information with service providers. OpenAI offers an app for business, ChatGPT Enterprise, with dedicated security features. It doesn’t train on company’s data, making it more secure for work. 

Nevertheless, remember these three aspects of safety precautions: 

Use a safe and strong password. 

Your account and chat history are secured only then when a complicated password is used. It must hold more than eight symbols (more is better) and be a combination of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.

A secure password mustn't contain personal information such as names, birth years, or any organizations somehow tied to you. Your password must also differ from your other passwords, so accessing your other personal accounts will be harder. 

Do not share any personal information 

Cooperation with ChatGPT is not fully private. Open AI can use your chat history and conversation results to improve his future responses and the language model in general, so you should never share your personal, confidential, or valuable information, such as essential and/or financial details. 

Be careful with copyright issues 

Remember that this chatbot version can process unreliable information or infringe the property rights of books, articles, and websites on which ChatGPT has been trained, leading to possible copyright issues. 

Verify content produced by AI

ChatGPT doesn't get everything right and has been known to invent "facts" that are fake. Because not everything humans write is true or useful, some AI training data can be wrong regarding suggestions. For some companies, this might become a real legal issue, so always make sure to check things that AI models write, and find reliable sources whenever possible because it doesn't provide those either.

ChatGPT is fun  

The flexibility of ChatGPT is unbelievably valuable in promotion and marketing, especially for social media, as its variability makes it possible to push the boundaries of content creation further and further. With the help of such a polite assistant, you can develop your creativity to the max – you just have to think about formulating requests and filtering content!  

Propper use of ChatGPT in social media marketing will help you, not rule you. You can’t be pushed out of the market easily if you know how to use ChatGPT, and knowing how to use it in SMM will be essential in the next ten years. Our world is changing very quickly, but that’s life!

If you'd like to learn more about ChatGPT and AI in social media, we wrote another article that details this. In 2023, we even integrated Facelift with ChatGPT itself to power our AI assistant Lifty. Take a look!

Sofia Podkopaeva
Sofia Podkopaeva

More about the author

In January 2024, Sofia was an intern at Facelift in Hamburg in the Demand Generation department. During her time here, she gained valuable experience in the content creation process and learned how to effectively use social media for businesses. In her free time, Sofia likes to dance and play the piano
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