Community Management for All Social Media Channels - via One Central Inbox

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Mockup - Custom Inboxes - EN

Always in Dialogue with Your Customers - in Minimum Time!

Short response times to postings and diversified, visually appealing, interactive content - the user demand for dialogue with brands has increased. With the Unified Inbox from Facelift Cloud, you will meet these expectations: Here, you get to control many fan pages in different countries or various social media channels via just one feed. Through the Unified Inbox, all user comments, questions, or conversations are directed to one central mailbox. They can be quickly reviewed and prioritised using automatic tags or alerts. In turn, you are able to offer trust-based support to your users in real time.


Community Management with Just a Few Clicks - Prioritise, Respond, Like!

The Moderation Module impresses with its extensive workflow management for optimal teamwork. Through set rules that scan all incoming postings, brand ambassadors, or critical comments are automatically identified and colour coded. Features such as response templates ease the daily work of your community managers immensely.

For you, this means: You can keep track and will miss no message, no post, tweet, or comment. Through a dedicated role rights system and the integrated discussion feature, you can refer questions straight to your support team and ensure that marketing campaigns are edited by the respective department. Agencies can take on well-defined subtasks within processes, such as community management.


On the Road to Success with Your Community Dashboard

Thanks to the Multi-Pages Dashboard, you are given a quick overview of all your Facebook pages and social media accounts in real time! You can easily add any of your own pages and accounts to the Dashboard. On request, each page can be assigned to one or more individually created groups.

For each of your fan pages, you'll be shown the number of new posts, comments, and messages in the Dashboard. Critical posts are highlighted in colour and can be identified right away. In addition, the number of fans, the reach, and the date of the last activity are displayed.


The Most Important Features at a Glance

moderation - central inbox in real time

Central Inbox in Real Time

Efficient management of all social media profiles in all networks

moderation - mood analysis

Mood Analysis

Manual sentiment analysis. Measure the overall mood of your conversations

moderation - role rights system

Role Rights System

Clear distribution of field of action and responsibilities

moderation efficient workflows for teams

Efficient Workflows for Teams

Fine-tuning, collaborating, discussing - all easily implemented

moderation - identification of brand ambassadors

Identification of Brand Ambassadors

Tagging of user profiles and comments by influencers

moderation - intelligent response templates

Intelligent Response Templates

Short reaction times through predefined responses

moderation - tagging via keywords

Tagging via Keywords

Automatic identification and tagging of posts and comments according to keywords

moderation - user inspector

User Inspector

Internal history and comments box for all of your fans and users

Further advantages of the Moderation Module can be found in our PDF brochure

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