Community management across all social media networks - with Facelift Cloud Moderation

  • Unified inbox that contains all messages across all social media profiles

  • Save time with authentic response templates

  • Coordinate your answers with colleagues using the integrated chat feature

  • Mobile app lets you work on your community management on the fly


Prioritize and Reply to  Messages in Real Time

  • Keep track of all new messages and comments at all times

  • Structure your community management with clear responsibilities

  • Measure efficiency and success of customer service with team performance



Unified Inbox






Team Performance




Stop checking all networks natively – use one central Inbox!


Everyone knows who is responsible for what because of the automatic or manual assignment. You’re working in your personal inbox but it is possible to check all other team members inbox, too.

Make sure your inbox only contains relevant comments or messages. This is why you can set options to auto resolve elements.


Make your community management workflow easier with Facelift Cloud


With Facelift Cloud Moderation and the help of automatic assignment, custom inboxes, and responsibilities for each social media profile, it will feel like a smooth, daily flight through the jungle of your social community.

Tags and keywords make it easy to analyze topics or recognize critical messages fast.


Handle your community management on the fly


The Facelift Cloud App combines community management and mobile publishing. Your customers and fans don’t care for opening hours on social media.

In the app you will find all the functions you need for your community management. You can work on the go as usual, react to comments, tag elements or assign them to one of your colleagues.


Measure the efficiency and success of your community management


With Team Performance you can quantify and analyze the success of your community management. See immediately how many questions and comments you answered during a certain period and how much time you needed for it.

Assign your colleagues efficiently, answer the questions of your community faster and more reliably and boost your overall customer satisfaction.


Exceptional Customer Service with the WhatsApp Business Platform

As an official WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, Facelift Cloud offers you the perfect interface to communicate personally and directly with your customers via WhatsApp.

With the help of self-defined tags or alerts, you can quickly assess the situation and efficiently prioritize your responses. For your customers, this means real-time support.

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