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10 Social Media KPIs Your Company Should be Tracking

Capitalize on your data with these social media key performance indicators.

Reaching peak performance for your social media campaigns is all about data. We’ve compiled a list of some KPIs that your social media team should be most closely monitoring. These range from larger, better-known KPIs such as clicks or likes, to some you may not have thought of.

Take a look and discover how you can fine-tune your campaign’s performance. Get the free download now!

10 Social Media KPIs Your Company Should be Tracking

Master the most valuable KPIs for your social media campaigns.

  • Discover some of the strongest ways to monitor the successes of your social media campaigns
  • Take advantage of some lesser-known KPIs that could really polish your campaign

  • Learn about attribution modeling and find the best ways to see where your data is coming from
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