Customer care across all social media networks.

Prioritizing and replying to hundreds of messages can be difficult without help. With facelift, you can easily organize your team and respond with a unified inbox for all social media channels.

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Hero Care
Ticketing system.

Assign, resolve and flag items, tag or block users and delete their data.

Unified inbox for all channels.

Supported Networks: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, WhatsApp, Google Business, YouTube.

Team performance
Team performance.

See immediately how many items got resolved during a certain period and how much time you needed for it.


Stop checking all networks natively – use one central inbox!

Everyone knows who is responsible for what because of the automatic or manual assignment. You’re working in your personal inbox but it is possible to check all other team members inboxes as well.

Make sure your inbox only contains relevant comments or messages. This is why you can set options to auto resolve elements.


Exceptional customer service with the WhatsApp Business Platform.

As an official WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, facelift offers you the perfect interface to communicate personally and directly with your customers via WhatsApp.

With the help of self-defined tags or alerts, you can quickly assess the situation and efficiently prioritize your responses. For your customers, this means real-time support.


Measure the efficiency and success of your social media team.

With Team Performance you can quantify and analyze the success of your community management. See immediately how many questions and comments you answered during a certain period and how much time you needed for it.

Assign your colleagues efficiently, answer the questions of your community faster and more reliably and boost your overall customer satisfaction.

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Customer care on the fly.

The facelift app combines community management and mobile publishing. Your customers and fans don’t care for opening hours on social media.

In the app you will find all the functions you need for your community management. You can work on the go as usual, react to comments, tag elements or assign them to one of your colleagues.

Make your community management workflow collaborative with facelift.

facelift Engagement offers time-saving functions to help you give the right answer in time. Response templates are the easiest way to save answers for comments and questions that show up frequently. You can save standard answers and use placeholders to fill in the first or last name of the user automatically. These templates will be separated by your own team structure.

Review management
Review management.

Apart from messages and comments, reviews on Facebook and Google Business can be manage in facelift as well.

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Ad comments
Ad comments.

Not every comment on ads is available in any social media management tool. We made sure to fetch all ad related Facebook or Instagram comments.

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response templates
Response templates.

Be quick and authentic, create and use response templates for the most used answers you need.

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custom inbox
Custom inboxes.

Save inbox filter configuration for your every day workflow and make them available for specific teams or colleagues.

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All social media data in one place.

All data in one central place. Dashboards for your most relevant KPIs. Aligned reports for your team. Dynamic competitive analysis to be one step ahead of the pack.

Dashboard Templates Light
Dashboard templates.

Use our convenient dashboard templates for instant insights on your social meda data. Simply select a network and profile and get a predefined sets of KPIs delivered.

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Team performance
Team performance.

Quantify and analyze the success of your community management. See immediately how many questions and comments you answered during a certain period and how much time you needed for it.

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Tag Sentiment Analytics
Tag and sentiment analytics.

Use the tag widget to see what topics are trending in your community. Track sentiment and understand reviews.

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Brand ambassadors with facelift.

With over 20,000 employees, German insurance Giant HDI (Haftpflichtverband der Deutschen Industrie) wanted to find a way to tap into the potential of its sales partners as brand ambassadors. To do that, they would need to create a simple and straightforward system that allowed them to roll out an internal influencer campaign.

HDI took advantage of facelift’s Social Share tool, an app-based program that allows companies to leverage their own employees for greater social media exposure. With Social Share, HDI was able to prove success over a 6 week pilot with their sales team, and see expanded interest throughout the company.

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International brand building with facelift.

HORSCH Maschinen GmbH sought to build its social media presence by sharing its industry expertise in a way that really created added value to its current and future customers. The mission was international brand building.

With the assistance of facelift, HORSCH has been able to expand its social media activities internationally to reach future buyers and on a larger scale. facelift made it easy for the company’s teams to coordinate their efforts across borders and across languages.

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Individualized social media campaigns for each store locations.

International French grocery and wholesaler Carrefour wanted to build customer loyalty by enhancing the customer service experience at the local level, to expand their catchment are, and generate more traffic at their points of sale.

Carrefour used facelift to create independent and individualised social media campaigns for each of its store locations that could focus on their local communities and customer requirements.

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Handle community management on a very large scale with facelift.

French cosmetic company Caudalie needed to create an ultra-personalised, customer-centric social media strategy across its vast social media ecosystem. The strategy also had to be scaled for an international roll-out.

facelift helped Caudalie by providing the moderation tools necessary to handle community management on a very large scale and across international teams operating in different languages. It also allowed them to coordinate their editorials between teams for dozens of social media pages.

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