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2 users | 10 profiles | 200 € total

For a team that seeks business impact on social in the most efficient way.

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  • Analyze results
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    5 users | 25 profiles

    To empower businesses to master their social media marketing at scale.

  • Everything in Team plus
  • Schedule posts
  • Approval workflows
  • Rule-based custom inboxes
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Enterprise

    on request




    10 users | 50 profiles

    For complex organizations with advanced security or data integration needs.

  • Everything in Business plus
  • Single-sign-on
  • Activity Log
  • DAM integration
  • CRM integration
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    Two months of use of our state-of-the-art social media management tool await you for free - and not only that!

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    *Conditions for the offer: Minimum contract period of 12 months with facelift and one payment in advance, valid only for new customers until 31.12.2022. The free months (on the basis of a voucher) are redeemed at the end of the contract period and relate exclusively to the use of facelift and are not linked to partner products. The maximum value of both monthly rates is 4,000€. 


    Publish efficiently and analyze your impact.


    Publish efficiently as a team and save precious time.

    • Plan, create and publish all your content in one central place
    • Boost the impact of your posts by publishing across all your social media channels at once
    • Create content, discuss it across teams, select relevant channels, and publish the final posts all in one workflow
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    Customer Care across all social media networks.


    Reply to critical comments and messages in real time.

    • With facelift's Unified Inbox, you get to control various social media profiles with just one feed
    • Through the Unified Inbox, all user comments, mentions, questions, or conversations are directed to one central inbox
    • You can quickly review and prioritize all interactions using automatic tags or alerts
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    All social media data in one place.


    Efficiently analyze your social media data.

    • Start your analysis quickly with a predefined dashboard template
    • Schedule recurring and CI compliant reports
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    Aylin Gürel Team Lead Customer Success

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    • Plan, edit and publish your posts in one place

    • Increase the impact of your posts by serving
    all networks simultaneously

    • Create content, share with your team members, select relevant networks and publish posts in one central workflow

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