How to Integrate LinkedIn into Your Social Media Strategy

Abdelouahed Alaoui Mdaghri
Abdelouahed Alaoui Mdaghri
How to Integrate LinkedIn into Your Social Media Strategy

The undisputed champion of business networking, LinkedIn reigns supreme when it comes to business and professional connection on social media. Boasting more than 800 million users and 57 million company accounts, LinkedIn is today the most popular professional social platform by a wide margin.  

For B2B marketers, 80% of their leads from social networks came from LinkedIn as of 2017 (Source: LinkedIn Business). In 2021, 81% of B2B marketers were using LinkedIn in their social media strategies, but it is also more than possible (and even highly recommended) to use this platform for B2C marketing as well.   

In fact, in 2021, 53% of B2C marketers activated LinkedIn as part of their online strategies. (Source, in French: Social Media Examiner 2021 - Social Media Marketing Industry Report,) 

This social network is very popular and is becoming almost essential. And, just like any other social network, LinkedIn brings about its own unique advantages and offerings  


Why use LinkedIn for marketing? 

Whether you are a company in a B2B industry, an agency, or a B2C brand, LinkedIn has never before been a more powerful tool or offered as many opportunities as it does today. Making a place for yourself on this platform becomes vital to be visible and credible to a qualified audience. 

LinkedIn allows you to boost your visibility with potential prospects and users. It therefore provides an outlet for frequent, high-quality content to reach a broad audience that is specifically targeted towards your organization's needs. 

What are the advantages of social media communication on LinkedIn?  

  • Targeted communication: On LinkedIn, you have the possibility to precisely target your audience in order to reach the people who interest you most. You can, for example, target your posts by language, by region, by company size, by sector, or by other attributes. As on any social network, it is also your ability to interact with your community that will bring you closer to them, and that increased engagement will only help you develop this community further.
  • An active and engaged audience: LinkedIn is a professional social network where users sign up for very specific and personalized reasons. Some join for networking purposes. Others sign up to consume content around their profession or industry. This makes LinkedIn a breeding ground for high engagement. 
  • An ideal network to develop your employee advocacy: LinkedIn is also a social network that can be anchored in your employer branding strategy. It allows you to identify and understand what content your employees expect from you. We advise you to ask your employees to share your brand content on their networks. Facelift Cloud's Social Share app is one way that you can boost organic reach on LinkedIn and other platforms via your own employees. 


What are the most essential LinkedIn features in 2022? 

As a social media manager or community manager, certain features stand out for the opportunities and flexibility they offer. 

Among the many features that LinkedIn offers, we have selected for you the most relevant ones to develop the visibility of your brand, generate leads and boost the engagement of your community on this network. 


  • LinkedIn Events: Available for profiles and company pages, this feature allows you to create a page specifically designed to invite and organize your events on LinkedIn. You can manage, customize and even promote this page directly. In addition, the algorithm takes care of recommending you users potentially interested in the event.  


  • LinkedIn Newsletter: A new and highly popular feature, LinkedIn's newsletters take the form of a series of articles chosen by you and that only your subscribers receive – much like an email newsletter.  It offers plenty of customizability and allows you to create beautiful content that is sent directly to your subscribers' feeds. 


  • LinkedIn Live: With this feature, you can broadcast live video content from your LinkedIn page. For example, you can organize an event, create a webinar and promote it directly from LinkedIn. LinkedIn Live videos get, on average 7 times more reactions and 24 times more comments than native videos produced by the same broadcasters. (Source: LinkedIn Business) 


  • Clickable links on profiles: You can add a URL in your LinkedIn description. This way you can boost traffic to your website or to a specific landing page. We advise you to encourage your teams to put a clickable link in their personal profiles as well.  


  • Product pages: Today, it is also possible to add a product page to your profile. Statistics inform you about users clicking on your page and you can convert users' searches into qualified leads. 


Optimize your LinkedIn profile and information 

When a user scrolls on any social platform, you only have a second to grab their attention. Boost your likelihood of success by fine-tuning your profile! 

To achieve this, you can opt for your company logo or colors as a profile picture and find an image that will create interest as a cover picture. A word or phrase with a colorful background can often be a good start. 

While being clear and concise, write a description of your company and its business. Once again, you need to be as effective as possible in enticing the visitor to stay on your page and to learn more about you and your brand.  


Stay active on LinkedIn 🔥 

To really shine on any social media platform, consistency and activity are key.  

This is also true on LinkedIn: you absolutely must post relevant content regularly in order to stay on top of things. This also allows you to strengthen your credibility, maintain engagement, and keep ahead of LinkedIn's organic algorithm.  

However, keep in mind that quality is still more important than quantity. It is useless to overwhelm your community with too much content that does not interest them. This is where it is important to prepare an editorial calendar and a content strategy in advance in order to anticipate what content and how often you will publish. We recommend a rhythm of two to three posts per week. 


Use LinkedIn advertising 🎥 

Promotion on social networks is a common practice and generally considered to be very effective. It allows you to propel your posts by expanding the reach well beyond what is attainable via organic most of the time. So, if you use this method, be sure to choose which content to highlight and for two reasons: 

  1. Focus your spending on the right content pieces to reduce waste 
  2. Don't target the same audience with too much sponsored content all at once. You will quickly become bland and annoying to users who will be tired of seeing the same ads over and over again in their news feed.  

On the other hand, a well-chosen sponsored post can have a very good impact on your visibility and the traffic of your website. All of this obviously allows you to reach new prospects.  

LinkedIn offers advanced targeting options that are particularly effective and efficient and that allow you to sponsor the posts you want in exactly the ways that you want. You will be able to target users according to their sectors, the position they hold, seniority, and more. 


Measure your performance! 📈 

This step is among the most important. How do you know where you stand amongst your competitors? What's working and what needs improvement? Which campaigns are the most successful?  

Once again, you can access this information on LinkedIn. The LinkedIn Statistics module is quite complete and offers you information on reach, engagement, visits, number of interactions, geographical data.  

Do regular follow-ups of your activity in order to analyze all your actions: You will once again gain credibility and show that you are able to adjust to your audience and time.  

To push your analysis even further, we advise you to take a look at our Facelift Cloud solution, the leading tool in Europe for analyzing and tracking social media performance in a very precise way. 

Click here to learn more!  

LinkedIn seems to be an obvious choice for many professionals and positioning yourself on this network more important than ever. However, you need more than a simple LinkedIn page, you need to consider this network as a communication channel with its own strategy and rules. You will need dynamism, regular activity and creative but useful content. 

Abdelouahed Alaoui Mdaghri
Abdelouahed Alaoui Mdaghri

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Born in Rabat, Morocco, Abdel came to Paris to study digital marketing. Firstly as an intern, Abdel is responsible for writing and translating several pieces of content and blog articles on behalf of facelift France.
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