quintly to Join facelift in Taking Social Metrics to the Next Level

Brian Powers
Brian Powers
quintly to Join facelift in Taking Social Metrics to the Next Level

Yet more big changes are afoot at facelift and things just keep getting better! facelift has acquired quintly, which will allow us to vastly ramp up our social analytics capacity.

Soon, facelift users will be able to centrally consolidate higher-quality social media data from all of the most valuable networks including TikTok and Snap! With quintly, this information can be processed according to individual requirements in order to obtain valuable insights that are difficult to find via other means. Furthermore, quintly brings innumerable new metrics and KPIs to the table, which we know will make a huge difference in your ability to assess social media performance.

What is quintly?

As a market leader in social metrics, this small but global team from all around the world brings together an agile approach and a customer-centric disposition that has brought them great success and the attraction of many large businesses such as Coca-Cola, MSi, and Samsung, among others, as well as the loyalty and appreciation of their customers.

quintly's team members will soon become members of the facelift family, where we plan to combine our efforts into creating the world's finest all-in-one social media solution.

What's the added value of quintly to facelift?

Success on social is about way more than slapping some posts on an editorial calendar and passively watching the likes roll in – or not, as is often the case. Social media seems easy until you discover that things aren't happening the way you envisioned – that people aren't liking, commenting, or following your page in the droves you expected.

To get to the bottom of this we have to turn to advanced metrics.

While it's all well and good to keep an eye on KPIs such as likes and comments, social media managers are really doing two things:

  1. Digging into the psyche of their followers
  2. Digging into the psyche of the algorithm

Both of these tasks require significant - but different - data, a clear understanding of its value, and a unified, actionable strategy on which changes and tweaks can be enacted.

facelift users are not new to our social media analytics products, which have long helped our users discover what's working and what isn't, and to draw up performance reports for their numerous channels.

However, quintly catapults these metrics into an entirely new playing field with its enormous array of KPIs and insight capabilities and the ability to integrate externally via API and provide custom metrics via QQL (quintly query language).

Some of the amazing new features that we will soon be able to provide to our users include analytics for TikTok (a highly sought-after capability!) and SnapChat, among countless others.

What's changing?

If you're already a facelift user, this means that soon you'll have access to a wide range of new social media analytics capabilities. This means that quintly will be available within the facelift suite, but it will also remain available as a standalone service on an individual basis.  

Over the coming months our businesses, activities, and projects will integrate more and more as our union progresses. 

The two founders and managing directors of quintly, Frederik Born and Alexander Peiniger, will remain associated with the company, as will all other employees of the SaaS provider from Cologne. The addition of new, highly qualified, and experienced team members will also strengthen facelift's expertise and competitiveness. 

A strong signal for the market

Daniel Oliver Augsten, CEO of facelift, sees the acquisition as a strong signal for the market:  

"We have known quintly for some time as the best analytics solution on the market. This is shown, among other things, by the independent customer evaluations of G2 Crowd over the last few years. The use cases in social media management are constantly evolving and therefore we have recently optimized our product portfolio in areas such as marketing and care. With quintly and its high-quality assets, such as 350 metrics that can be customized to users' business needs, we are now unlocking further exciting synergies in Analytics. In addition, our joint offering will be available to new customer segments such as analysts and regions - including outside of Europe - in the future. The acquisition fits perfectly into the growth ambition we are pursuing with the UNITED Marketing Technologies business unit within the DuMont Group. There is a certain amount of consolidation taking place in the MarTech market right now, which we are actively shaping through our UNITED Group as needed."



Over the coming months, we'll publish a bunch of fresh new content in this space that will cover topics in social media analytics as we continue to develop the facelift + quintly merger.  

We predict only strong things ahead and are excited to enhance our offerings and of course welcome new members to our team.

Brian Powers
Brian Powers

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A New Yorker in Germany, Brian is Facelift's content marketing manager. With over a decade of experience in content and social, he is responsible for managing Facelift's content, which includes the blog, guides and downloads
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