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About the company.

This is HDI.

Haftplichtverband der Deutschen Industrie (HDI) is an insurance company based in Germany that operates under the umbrella of the Talanx Group, Germany’s third-largest insurance group. 

Founded in 1903 in Germany and based in Hannover, HDI is known for providing personalized consulting and solutions in the areas of risk insurance and retirement planning. HDI also provides solutions for property insurance for private and corporate clients as well as for special solutions for freelancers, among other products and services within that range. HDI is the majority shareholder of the Talanx Group and has more than 22,000 employees as of 2020. 

To fully leverage the potential of sales partners as brand ambassadors, HDI Vertriebs AG developed and tested facelift Social Share within its sales teams over the course of a six-week joint pilot project with facelift. 

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We developed the app together with our pilot project’s participants and Facelift. Our sales partners have described it as intuitive, user-friendly and timesaving. And that was precisely our goal – to create an app that offers our sales colleagues genuine added value tailored to their needs.”


Uwe Brüggemann,

Head of Digitization/Interface Management, Exclusive Sales 


"I would definitely recommend the app to others as it has cut the time I need for content promotion in half compared to before. The app is beneficial for all those who want to be proactive when it comes to sharing content on social platforms.

Pilot Project Participant

The challenge.

Brand ambassadors at HDI. 

In a labor market characterized by a shortage of skilled workers and the decreasing visibility of companies, their reach can have a positive effect on recruitment. 

The professional and systematic use of corporate influencers can positively affect popular perception of the employer brand through a well-conceived content strategy. In the case of HDI and their initial focus on their sales partners, the use of corporate influencers brought about authenticity and generated brand awareness.  


As sales partners communicate increasingly via digital channels, especially social media, the challenge becomes that the planning, preparation, and corporate branding content itself consumes time and resources. Corporate influencer programs also require that a business find and standardize the right voice and tone.  

In HDI's pilot program, Instagram in particular proved a challenge. This was because the platform requires a much stronger visual content creation element. It takes time and resources to find the right images, curate high-quality, effective text, and do proper hashtag research and implementation. When a company such as HDI goes to coordinate the joint efforts of potentially thousands of employees, streamlining these processes becomes of paramount importance, and it is in large scale employer branding campaigns that Social Share was proven to shine. 


"The posts are tailored to individual social platforms, making the app an extremely easy way to post content quickly.

Pilot Project Participant

The solution.

The pilot project.

The primary goal of the pilot project was to measure the effectiveness of organic outreach by sales employees. For this, Social Share was first optimized for sales, and then the program was made accessible to all HDI offices and all employees. And although the use was initially planned only for sales, the positive response and high participation from all other departments led to the consequences: In addition to the very successful focus on product-oriented content, they implemented an onboarding process for Social Share. This kind of training fostered the full success of the pilot project.


What are Corporate Influencers?

Quite simply put, corporate influencers are what a company's own employees become whenever they talk about their work – especially on social media. If people are satisfied with their employer and speak about the company in a positive way during personal conversations or publicly online, this can be regarded as word-of-mouth marketing. And if employees share such messages with the followers of their personal social media accounts, it can amplify the marketing effect. 

Also known as brand ambassadors, corporate influencers can give brands a personal face. They are one strong link between marketing and the end customer and can have a massive impact on an organization's organic reach on social media.  

In the case of HDI, as an insurance company, it was necessary to build an enhanced profile on social media with a human touch. Because certain industries, especially those in B2B or whose products and services are less "glamorous", often rely on paid advertising for their reach, the ability to garner enhanced reach via their own employees at little added expense is highly appealing and effective. 

72 %

Do not believe the app needs any improvement 

100 %

Would recommend it to others without hesitation


"By launching the facelift Social Share app, we are responding to the needs of exclusive sales and simultaneously spreading important corporate messages via decentralized social media channels. This will help us make our regional brand ambassadors more effective and thus strengthen the HDI brand as well."

Norbert Eickermann, HDI's head of exclusive/direct sales

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