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How HORSCH successfully markets its machinery on social media.


About the company.

This is Horsch.

HORSCH is a global manufacturer of agricultural technology and equipment. It specializes in pull-type machinery, which means machinery usually pulled by a tractor. The exceptions to this include a number of crop-protection sprayers. Its products focus on modern agricultural techniques to promote sustainable, long-term land cultivation. Now as before, its management team consists of Michael Horsch – a key source of ideas and the founder of HORSCH Maschinen GmbH back in 1984 – as well as his wife Cornelia Horsch, his brother Philipp Horsch, and Theo Leeb.

The company operates on an international scale and uses a total of 42 communication channels. While Instagram and Facebook are its most important channels, it also relies on other platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and XING. 

Company Facts.

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Mechanical engineering

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“The US market is a prime example. Our product range in the US includes very different types of tractors and machinery than we have in Europe. Meanwhile, the Eastern European market has some machinery that is not permitted in Germany because different sized vehicles are allowed on the roads. There’s a simple lesson here: we need a software solution that integrates all platforms and all employees. There needs to be one contact person and one software solution that covers everything. Facelift ticks all these boxes for HORSCH Maschinen GmbH and adapts to meet our needs.”   


Cordelia Dienstbier,

Social Media and Content Manager at Horsch


"Success in simplicity: Facelift integrates all platforms and employees seamlessly, providing a unified solution for HORSCH Maschinen GmbH. One contact person, one software solution – Facelift ticks all the boxes, adapting to our every need."

Cordelia Dienstbier, Social Media and Content Manager at Horsch

The challenge.

Mastering communication across markets.

The core problem is the international structure and wide range of knowledge and expertise levels in relation to social media. There is only one dedicated social media manager with an overview of all topics and control over access to the company’s profiles. However, HORSCH also employs several staff in (international) marketing. Their duties predominantly focus on conventional marketing rather than on social media. Many employees bring with them different degrees of knowledge, capacity and motivation in relation to social media management, which can sometimes lead to widely varying methods and practices. It is important to organize these parameters effectively and analyze them. A consistent presence across all channels and interdepartmental collaboration are absolutely essential for HORSCH. 

The ability to manage rights in the Facelift is a vital approach to solving this problem. Challenging circumstances and a previous cyberattack highlighted not only the vulnerability of the existing system at HORSCH but also the value of its various accounts on various networks.  

Another challenge is the varying range of machinery the company offers in different countries. Staff posting on social media need an overview across all departments and locations in different countries to provide added transparency. This way, all teams can share their latest insights and updates can be communicated more swiftly. Overcoming this challenge meant implementing the Facelift Cloud and integrating product managers from individual countries. Naturally, communication and efficiency are top priorities for the company. 


"Since 2018, Facelift has transformed our social media approach at HORSCH Maschinen GmbH. With a clear rights system and centralized content management, over 25 team members now benefit from streamlined workflows, saving time and effort.

The solution.

Facelift impresses with a clear rights system and efficient content sharing.

HORSCH Maschinen GmbH has been working with Facelift since 2018. To begin with, it managed all rights through the platform itself. Back then, there was no single business ID as the editor had distributed the access rights. Now, however, over 25 HORSCH staff members use Facelift to gain access. 

The linchpin in HORSCH’s social media management is central content creation and community management, with one inbox for all channels – thanks to Facelift. This saves a great deal of time and effort, especially when it comes to producing numerous similar posts for different channels and markets. The integrated calendar in the publisher provides both inspiration and a single, standardized overview for everyone involved.   

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Do not believe the app needs any improvement 

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Would recommend it to others without hesitation


"Facelift: The cornerstone of efficiency for our marketing department at HORSCH Maschinen GmbH. This unified solution empowers our team, seamlessly integrates platforms, and transforms social media management with simplicity and adaptability."

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