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A Plea for Digital Failure - Let's Celebrate Mistakes!

Many have been there – It’s a Monday morning, the first editorial is done, you are planning to get a quick coffee in and *Boom*, a mail from the big boss – we need to go viral with the next post! The pressure is on.

Ask yourself: Is there room for mistakes and errors in your company?

Sarah Sunderbrink, Social Media Teamed at ZooPlus presents a passionate plea for being allowed to make mistakes on social media, learn from them, and then make the magic happen.



She presents her biggest failures and the subsequent learnings. You receive a hands-on approach, on how to shape a cultural set-up in which employees thrive off of failures. This of course doesn’t mean we look to fail – but inevitably, mistakes are bound to happen from time to time, and that’s ok.

Tune in for interesting insights on how failure creates a winning mindset.
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