Examples of B2B Business Collaboration on Social Media

Brian Powers
Brian Powers

Collaborative partnerships are a cornerstone strategy for B2B companies looking to amplify their presence on Instagram. When executed thoughtfully, these partnerships can significantly enhance brand credibility, extend reach, and add a layer of authenticity to your company's content.

This is true for both B2B and B2C companies, but let's focus on B2B here because when it comes to social media, especially with highly visual platforms like Instagram or TikTok, there are certain additional challenges to be overcome.

The power of collaborative social media partnerships

Collaborative partnerships involve aligning with other businesses, influencers, or thought leaders within your industry and coming together to make great content that is mutually beneficial.

These collaborations have numerous benefits that go far beyond simply generating more followers. They also leverage the expertise and trust these partners have established with their own followers.

Benefits of social media collaborations include:

  • Extended reach: content can be shared by both parties on their channels. This can be enormous for brands collaborating with influencers with massive followings.
  • Boosted engagement: collaborations on social media, especially for things like Instagram Live, can bring in many active, live followers. This can have an enormous impact on engagement for both parties.
  • Corporate responsibility: demonstrate the good that your business brings to the world.
  • New ways to use your product: collaborations are just that - they help illuminate ways in which your product or service is complementary.
  • Social proof: influencers and credible partners can often be seen as more trustworthy than brands themselves, especially on social media.

Strategies for effective collaborative partnerships

There are many things that your business can do to make your B2B social media collaboration work the way you need it to work. We 

Identify the Right Partners:
Look for businesses or influencers whose values and audience align with yours.
Consider partners who can offer complementary perspectives or services to your own.

Co-create content:

Engage in joint projects like webinars, Instagram Live sessions, or co-authored thought leadership articles. Create content highlighting both partners' strengths, such as joint case studies or success stories. 

Great ways to do this also include joint webinars, podcasts, or simply visits to one another's offices.

Leverage each other's platforms:
Share each other's content on your respective Instagram accounts. Take advantage of the increased size of your combined audiences to boost your reach and inspire engagement from a new audience.

Host joint events or contests: Collaborate on events like Q&A sessions, virtual conferences, or Instagram contests. These events can be powerful drivers of engagement, increase followers, and generate leads for both partners.

Offer exclusive insights or deals: Provide special offers or exclusive content to followers of both partners. This approach adds value to the audience and encourages cross-following.

B2B social media collaboration examples

Here's a list of some hypothetical business-to-business collaboration ideas for social media. 

  1. Social media management software + digital marketing agency: A social media management software company partners with a digital marketing agency to create a co-branded webinar series. They focus on strategies for leveraging social media analytics to improve B2B marketing campaigns, effectively utilizing their expertise to attract other businesses looking to enhance their social media presence. This webinar series can be "chopped up" into bite-sized videos and shared on various social media platforms, such as Instagram Reels, LinkedIn, and maybe even TikTok!

  2. CRM platform + business consulting firm: A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform collaborates with a business consulting firm on social media. Together, they produce a series of case studies and LinkedIn articles demonstrating how CRM integration can streamline client management and increase efficiency, targeting businesses seeking to optimize their customer relations. 

  3. Cloud services provider + IT security company: In this collaboration, a cloud services provider joins forces with an IT security company. They use social media platforms, especially LinkedIn and Twitter, to share insights and best practices for ensuring data security in the cloud, appealing to businesses concerned about data protection and compliance.

  4. E-commerce solutions provider + logistic company: These two businesses collaborate to create informative blog articles and social media videos for TikTok, Instagram Stories, and YouTube Shorts about optimizing supply chain and logistics for online businesses. This collaboration educates and attracts e-commerce businesses looking for comprehensive solutions, including e-commerce platforms and logistics support.

  5. Professional training company + HR software provider: This partnership focuses on developing and sharing content around employee development and HR management. They might host joint webinars or LinkedIn Live sessions discussing trends in talent management and how integrating advanced HR software can benefit businesses in various industries.

  6. Office space provider + business networking Group: They collaborate to host virtual networking events and panel discussions, shared across social media platforms, about the future of workspaces, coworking environments, and networking in business. This collaboration is aimed at startups and small businesses looking for flexible office solutions and networking opportunities.

  7. An energy company + an environmental protection organization: This highly dynamic duo teams up to demonstrate how the energy company is able to generate renewable energy alongside its partners to ensure that not only is clean energy produced, but wetlands near the energy production site are not only kept safe but even benefit from each other. They collaborate on a series of high-quality Instagram Reels and TikTok videos to demonstrate their mutual success and the ways in which they work together for a better future for their communities and shared ecosystems.

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Facelift's Role in Enhancing Collaborative Partnerships

Facelift's platform can play a pivotal role in managing and optimizing these partnerships:

  • Collaboration Tools: Facilitate seamless collaboration with partners in content creation and scheduling.
  • Analytics: Provide insights into the performance of collaborative content, helping you understand audience engagement and ROI.
  • Content Management: Efficiently manage and schedule joint content across both partners’ Instagram accounts.


I hope that these examples of B2B business collabs on social media can help inspire your company to reach out and team up! Social media collaborations provide a unique opportunity to expand reach, enhance credibility, and engage with a broader audience in meaningful ways. 

Facelift can help ensure that your content is organized and scheduled with just a few clicks. Among Facelift's greatest strengths is the ability to foster collaborations across teams, and now that all our plans feature unlimited user seats, you can collaborate across offices and even countries. 

If you'd like to get started for free with no commitment, take some time to sit down with our experts. Schedule your demo now!


Brian Powers
Brian Powers

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