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About the NGO.

This is Kindernothilfe.

Founded in Germany in 1959, Kindernothilfe is dedicated to aiding vulnerable and marginalized children and youth worldwide. The NGO has associated partners in Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg. With 523 projects in 36 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America, Kindernothilfe works exclusively with local NGOs.

Headquartered in Duisburg, Germany, Kindernothilfe is primarily funded by private donations and supported by a large network of sponsors, associations and volunteers, including celebrities. It is also a member of various alliances such as "Bündnis Entwicklung hilft".

Since its start, Kindernothilfe has been a helping hand for children in need. Starting with just five child sponsorships in India, the organization now reaches over 2.1 million children and young people worldwide. Rooted in a commitment to child rights, Kindernothilfe's journey is a testament to the power of collective compassion. 

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Lorenz Töpperwien is Kindernothilfe’s social media manager. 9 Years ago, he transitioned from freelancing to dedicating his skills to the organization. His goal is to elevate the discourse around children's rights on social media. "It's not an easy task, but it's great fun, especially in a wonderful team like ours," he shares. For Lorenz, social media is not just a tool but a platform to engage, educate, and empower. 


Lorenz Töpperwien,

Social Media Manager at Kindernothilfe


"Facelift has become an essential tool for our daily editorial work. It plays a significant role in streamlining Kindernothilfe’s community management and campaign collaborations."

Lorenz Töpperwien, Social Media Manager at Kindernothilfe

The challenges

As an NGO that relies on public and local support, as well as donations and sponsorships, Kindernothilfe employs a social media strategy that concentrates on a blend of engagement, awareness, and fundraising. The challenge here is ensuring that their community receives the information, support, and care that it needs. Stakeholders such as donors must to be able to place their trust in Kindernothilfe, making community management essential. 

With a primary platform focus on Instagram and Facebook, the organization plans to expand its presence to LinkedIn and TikTok this year and has already begun producing an increased number of Instagram Reels. The need for scalability meant that a solution was needed to support this growth with limited resources. 



The team's dynamic

Kindernothilfe’s social media team is a mix of full-time and part-time contributors that totals six members. This team manages their growing channel responsibilities, ensuring that their message of hope and empowerment reaches as many hearts and minds as possible.  

However, doing this effectively and efficiently meant enhanced collaboration via a unified solution to community management, roles and responsibilities, and a way to enable a clear style and message architecture across content. Kindernothilfe wanted to be able to include stakeholders throughout the organization and create a streamlined environment for them to work together. 

To better support its social media channels, and set itself up for reliable growth, Kindernothilfe began working with Facelift.


"Facelift revolutionizes our teamwork in social media management. With its advanced controls tailored to simplify daily tasks, our 6-person team at Kindernothilfe ensures seamless community and content management. Collaboration has never been smoother."

The solution.

Content strategy:
quality over quantity

Their approach to content is focused and intentional. They recently reduced their posting frequency to concentrate on quality, more in-line with their general content strategy. The strategy? Build user trust and affinity by making superb content that speaks to their audience and generates support from their community. 

To do this, Kindernothilfe found a valuable partner in Facelift. 

Facelift has become integral to their social media operations, offering a comprehensive overview of all channels and facilitating efficient content scheduling and management in one place.  

Kindernothilfe can keep uniform messaging across channels thanks to Facelift's collaborative capabilities and intuitive content scheduler, which frees up time and allows the social media team to focus on quality rather than get caught up in cumbersome workflows that waste time. 

Bringing out their best online

Facelift supplies a single hub for cross-team collaboration for social media managers by offering advanced controls designed to simplify each user's day-to-day responsibilities. Kindernothilfe takes advantage of Facelift's advanced user controls and role assignments to ensure that community and content management for this 6-person team, and other stakeholders, remains easy! 

They now publish on Instagram four times a week and on Facebook 1-2 times a week, with plans to grow considerably over the next year. This growth strategy is possible because by taking advantage of Facelift, Kindernothilfe can now bring users together more efficiently to streamline organizational capabilities. It helps their stakeholders to create better, more meaningful content that fosters community engagement and trust through collaboration.  

"Facelift has become an essential tool for our daily editorial work," It plays a significant role in streamlining Kindernothilfe’s community management and campaign collaborations. 

Closing Reflections

Their story is not just one of aid, but of empowerment and sustainable development. 

When asked about his favorite content of 2023, Lorenz says: I like Viva con Agua's down-to-earth communication, even when it comes to topics like toilet paper, as here. We also wanted to know what his favorite Facelift feature is: 
"Definitely the Publisher, which we use every day as a team and which is indispensable for our editorial work (also in cooperation with our network partners in Austria, Luxembourg and Switzerland)." 

You can get involved and support Kindernothilfe's mission by following this link

Whether you're a non-profit looking to amplify your cause or a business looking to enhance your social media presence, Facelift offers the tools and insights you need to grow your impact on social.  

We'd like to talk with you about how we can better serve your organization and its community on social. Please get in touch with us and discover the difference that Facelift can make. 

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