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Friederike Jungemann
Friederike Jungemann
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Everyone knows them: Instagram slideshows, which allow us to present content with up to 10 images & videos  to our followers in one single post. Carousel posts are THE way to reach our followers and target audiences with educational content, to transport our images and thoughts, as well as our company and products. They tell a holistic story - storytelling at it's best!

And now for the best part of the story: you now have the ability to create, schedule and publish your carousel posts directly in the Publisher via the desktop version of Facelift Cloud 💥!

More engagement with carousels thanks to interaction

 If you read the title of this update carefully, you already have the answer to this question: increased engagement!

By interacting with the slides, the duration that the user engages with your post increases. Because thanks to carousel posts, you create more space for your content that offers real value to your followers. Consequently, your visibility also increases and ultimately this results in increased reach for your posts.

A top carousel contribution tells a good story

In a nutshell, here are the most important elements for a successful carousel post:

Deliver real value - Show Instagram users that you and your business are experts in your field. What problem does your product solve for your target audience? Easy to understand slides that show you know what you're talking about and what the product can do will lead to success. You have 10 slides - take advantage of them!

Integrate calls-to-action - You'll do well to convince users to interact with your carousel posts. For example, liking or saving the post. Because by prompting them to react, the reach increases in turn.

The first impression counts - The cover slide of your post should directly catch the (future) follower's attention. This is the best way to keep them hooked until the end. Arousing immediate interest is therefore essential for success. And don't forget: the flowing effect should not be underestimated: Create slide-to-slide transitions that truly flow!

Plan and publish carousels directly in the Publisher

As always - very easily!😎

Just like usual, go into the post creation process, select the Instagram network and with one click on Carousel you are ready to go. Add up to 10 images or videos, create a caption if you like, and schedule the post. Or publish it directly. (And don't forget those hashtags!)


Afterwards you can admire your carousel post in your feed 😍:


You can read all about the different Instagram post formats in Facelift Cloud in this knowledge base article.

Have fun creating your first Instagram carousel post! 🥳

Until the next update! 👋🏽

Product Marketing Manager

Friederike Jungemann
Friederike Jungemann

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Rike is a product marketing manager at facelift and the mind behind the updates you see on your dashboard! She's also a huge fan of New Work and the African continent.
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