Measure and Amplify the Reach of Your Tweets with Post Performance

Friederike Jungemann
Friederike Jungemann

Twitter Post Performance helps you optimize your social media strategy and turn only the content that resonates with your followers into tweets. This way, you can not only increase your overall reach on the platform, but also increase the loyalty of your followers and create real brand loyalty.

With Twitter Post Performance, you can find out whether images or videos work better, whether images with or without people are more likely to be received by your followers, and which topics lead to more interactions under a tweet. All this can increase your popularity and reach on Twitter and give you fresh ideas for new content.

In addition, by looking at this information, you can also analyze well-performing tweets from the past and, in the best case, repeat your successes in the future. You might even manage to place your posts in Twitter Trends! 🚀

Analyze the success of your tweets with Twitter Post Performance

How do you discover your top tweets in no time? - It's easy! Twitter Post Performance shows you which tweets are performing well and is now available in Publisher and as a widget in Dashboard and Reports. Use this analysis to adjust your content creation strategy and significantly increase the attention of your target audience.

Sort the table by your most important metrics, such as impressions or likes, and you can use the top tweets as a guide for further content and adjust your social media strategy accordingly. If the top tweet was an infographic, for example, you could publish similar graphics in the future and keep an eye on whether these tweets are similarly well received by your audience and generate many impressions and interactions.

Get your individual post performance overview easily 

Select the network Twitter in the side navigation under Post Performance. You will get a tabular overview of all your tweets as well as a preview and the metrics.

Filter the metrics that are most important to you and define a time period for your analysis. You can flexibly save the results as an individual view - so you can access your analyses again and again without much effort. The highly flexible configurable table allows you to show and hide columns as you like:

In addition, when you set up your dashboard individually, you can decide where to place the new widget and whether it makes sense to place and compare multiple accounts next to each other.


Where can I learn more about Twitter Post Performance in Facelift Cloud?

All information about Twitter Post Performance can be found in our Knowledge Base - this way! We have also documented the details of all Twitter widgets in this Knowledge Base article for you.

We wish you a lot of fun and a successful analysis of your tweets!

Until next time 👋🏽


Product Marketing Manager 

Friederike Jungemann
Friederike Jungemann

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