Track and analyze clicks on your links with the short URL dashboard

Tom Merkel
Tom Merkel
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Short links solve big problems. A link shortened using a URL shortener takes up less space, is less complex, and is therefore easier to remember and handle. This is especially advantageous when an address is particularly long or contains many special characters.

Make data-driven decisions - statistics of your links at a glance

Since Facelift Cloud offers the possibility to shorten long URLs with the URL Shortener, we offer the corresponding statistics. From now on, Facelift Cloud also provides a separate dashboard template for the statistics of the short URLs.

The integrated Analytics dashboard provides clear information for the selected URL. So you can reach the overview faster and combine it with other matching widgets like Post Performance. See how your latest posts have been received and the detailed statistics about the clicks on the links placed in the post.

You can always adjust the period of the dashboard and thus the data you want to view. All statistics will then refer to this period.

The template shows the total number of clicks over the period. Below you can see the browser, operating system and location of the people who made the clicks. In addition, under Origin you can see from where the link was clicked.


You can find more helpful explanations in our Knowledge Base in the Dashboard section.

Good luck analyzing your clicks! 💪🏻

Product Marketing Manager

Tom Merkel
Tom Merkel

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