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Behind the Scenes: How facelift‘s product team addresses current market trends for our users

Join our very own CPO Arne Kittler in his session Behind the scenes: How facelifts product team addresses the current market trends for our users, to find out how we create impact for users and how we think of broader trends in the market.

The daily question we ask ourselves:

„How can we leverage new technologies and other shifts in the market to make our users’ lives more successful and satisfying?“

In this context, the current long-term macro trends we see in the market are:

1. New collaboration challenges
The increasing need for the orchestration of social media is understood, but far from solved.

2. Employer branding
Employer branding is seen as absolute crucial in the battle for talents.

3. Generative AI
Broad availability of generative AI’s is changing things quickly and offer exciting opportunities.
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