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Beyond Purpose: Unleashing the Power of Identity - 5 Insights for Employer Branding Success

Employer branding is in greater demand than ever. In today’s world, simply having a purpose does not seem to be enough. Why is that? Well, because quite frankly, everyone has a purpose – something more is needed. Malin Gereke and Julia Rosteck from New Work SE depict, how attitude and identity became a pillar of modern Employer Branding strategies. In the past, the „Corporate Brand“ and the „Employer Brand“ were separated from each other. Interlinked, yet separated. However, the successful employer branding strategies of today see the employer brand as a continuation of the corporate brand.

Take Aways:

  • It takes more than just a purpose
  • Keep in mind: internal Employer Branding reflects on external Employer Branding
  • You need to have authentic content and story-telling on your relevant channels
  • Track your content to analyse success and derive optimised measures
  • Use your employees as brand ambassadors to increase your positive “Word of Mouth”

There are two main challenges in employer branding. Externally, it is the employee market that is characterized by an ongoing change of values for employees. Work isn’t simply a means for provision, where job security means everything. The question of “how does the job fit my personal life” is significantly taking over more and more.

While internally, the question that is being raised revolves around the unity within the company’s brands. Companies with multiple brands can have the same purpose, but critical from an employer branding perspective is – do they have the same identity? Tune in to learn about the concepts on how to measure your company’s identity and how to present your culture to the outside world!

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