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From "Always On" to "Always In": Adjusting to Culture Change as a Brand

TikTok is a special platform, which displays a culture change in our society and requires a completely innovative approach from brands to stay successful.

Over half of TikTok users said they have become aware of a brand through the platform.
As it brings together mainstream and niche culture, 62% of users agree that TikTok has a greater variety of subcultures than other platforms – which thus provides a lot of room for different products.
Kathrin Franssen’s session elaborates on how to adjust to culture change as a brand and depicts TikTok’s strategy to move from an Always-On to an Always-In approach.

  • The main audience are communities, no longer an individual customer
  • The goal is to build trust, not to simply seek attention through content
  • Advertising is replaced by entertainment as the main means of communication
  • The driver is no longer the market, but the culture
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