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Webinar -
Powerful Complements: facelift & Talkwalker

  • All your important brand KPIs in one tool
  • Locate and be part of the right conversations
  • Integrated communication for your owned and earned content

Be on top of all your KPIs

Our integration makes it easy for you to have your Social Media performance data right next to your social listening insights on brand perception or share of voice. This way you can perfectly steer your communication no matter if it's on your owned property or in earned reactions anywhere on the web. You can be sure to have access to all your metrics from one, personalised dashboard.

React to brand mentions

With facelift you can already engage your community on all your social media profiles for both organic and paid content. With the unique Talkwalker integration, you further enhance your possibilities: reply to conversations and trends outside your social media profiles and react to any mention of your products or relevant topics.

Powerful extension for your community management

Fully integrating Talkwalker into the Community Management of facelift will exponentially increase your possibilities to steer the public perception of your brand.

Interact with anyone who talks about your brands and products, no matter if it's on your profiles or somewhere else right from your unified inbox. Including team assignments and powerful collaboration features. 

Our integration live in action

Discover unique use cases and advantages of our brand new integration. Learn about best practices of effective brand communication in time of crisis and how to set up a campaign based on social listening insights. We'll show these and other useful tips in this video session.

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