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Webinar -
Using Talent Insights for effective Employer Branding on LinkedIn

With over 930 million members, around 63 million companies and approx. 28 million jobs being advertised, LinkedIn is the biggest business network on the planet. 
The post-Covid era has depicted itself as a great reshuffle and the beginning of a new, more dynamic relationship between employees and employers, which presents us with a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reimagine the future of work.

As compensation still remains the key factor for most, work-life balance and flexibility have closed in significantly. Many people start to rethink not just the work, but why they work. Simultaneously, companies rethink their entire working models, cultures and company values.
In his session Using talent insights for effective Employer Branding on LinkedIn, Manuel Kekeisen from Linkedin elaborates on how to use talent insight for a branding campaign. As the economical situation is still a difficult one, the key challenge we face today is – finding the right skills, retain the people and upskill them.

Key take-aways of the session:
  • Global economic growth has slowed and the job market faces difficult challenges
  • Compensation and work-life balance are leading the list in what people prioritise in their job search
  • Opting a holistic, skills-first talent strategy across hiring and skill development will be key
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