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What you reel-y need to know - Growing your business with short form video

With more than 140 billion Reels played across Facebook and Instagram every day, we know that short form video is the dominant cultural phenomenon in 2023. In Germany for instance, a whooping 94% of the population are using mobile media for an average of 2,5 hours per day – surpassing TV! Short video is a language of expression and connection that has changed how entertaining content is created, watched and shared.

More and more businesses are tapping into this new Reels language to supercharge their campaigns across the entire funnel.

But how do you get the most out of it? META’s Katharina Heinrich and Alexandra Streufert will share success recipes for advertisers and take you through the world of short video (or as META calls them „reels“) and how they got to dominate today’s world of entertainment.

Learn about the culture shift that makes users resonate with relatability and authenticity more than with polished, high gloss content by applying the concept of a simple 3-step plan: Walk – Run – Sprint!

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