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Webinar -
YouTube in 2023: How Businesses can benefit from Key Trends and Innovations

In current days, consumer confidence has plummeted to an all-time low, but don't panic.
There is no need to cut your Marketing budget – instead, rethink it. It costs a lot more to gain market share than to keep it.
Creators are the modern media powerhouse. Half of YouTube is creator driven content, who value story over structure. The perfect possibility for advertisers to stay relevant for the intended target group.

How can you as a brand work with creators on YouTube? Join Shefali Bhatnagar, Video Sales Lead at YouTube, to get a hands-on strategy and interesting insights for this question.

What will you learn in this session?
  • YouTube-shorts have 50 billion plays per day. How do to turn this information into high performing campaigns?
  • Connected TV is the primary way for many to use their TV. How do you reach this exclusive audience?
  • Which ad-formats should you use to to reach your respective marketing objective?

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