Plan and publish social media posts - with Facelift Cloud Publisher

  • Streamline your campaigns, events and posts in one tool
  • Enable multi-channel publishing with fast post creation

  • Ensure high-quality content with approval flows
  • Collaborate with your team and external partners

Publish efficiently across teams and save precious time

  • See what content is being published when and on which networks in the calendar.
  • Create content, select relevant channels and publish the final posts all in one workflow.
  • Establish creative processes, coordinate content, and involve the right people at the right time.


Editorial calendar




On-brand content




Content Pool


Keep track of and execute all your campaigns, events and posts


The editorial calendar provides an instant overview for planned or already published posts across all channels. You can pick daily, weekly, monthly or list views.


Use tags to categorize your posts. The preview gives you an overview of the status of each post and the networks profiles. The filter function makes it easy to display individual calendar views with the level of detail you are really interested in. With the setup of individual team structures, everyone only gets to see the relevant content.


Publish across all your social media channels and profiles at once


Publishing across multiple networks is easy with Facelift Cloud. Prepare content for all your channels and publish it to any social network with one click.


With the Facelift Cloud App, you can schedule your posts on the go. No matter if you are doing 5 or 500 posts.


Make sure only the finest content makes it to your followers' newsfeeds


After a post has been created, it can be reviewed and optimized by team members through Facelift Cloud’s intuitive release process. Our approval strategies are flexible depending on your team.


You decide, if you go for a two-man rule or the setup of an advanced approval process with a multi-step approval workflow – high quality content will be the result anyways.


Coordinate your content across teams and collaborate with external partners


To help you coordinate your content, you can add briefings to your posts and templates. Pass on important details about the post to your colleagues and, as the creator, always keep an eye on them.


The briefing feature is accessible during the whole content creation process so that all team members are kept up to date and can interact on the post.


The rights and roles system ensures every team member can only access and see the information he or she needs.


Spread your brand-aligned content company-wide and across all your locations


Specify content standards to be used for local and international adaption through templates in the content pool. Use templates not only for content, but also for preset target groups, specific landing pages and page groups.


Make these templates available to other teams and locations to share your content even faster and on a larger scale. On top of that you can also provide your employees with posts via the Social Share Mobile App so they can share them on their private profiles.

Applicable for any company size

  • small-teamElement 19

    Few team members + many networks

    As a small social media team managing multiple social networks and profiles - take advantage of the Publisher as the hub for all your posts across all channels.

  • larger-teamElement 20

    Many team members + many networks

    The bigger the team gets the more complex the content planning becomes. Coordinate all your content across teams and locations with the help of the native coordination features and content templates.

  • complex-teamElement 21

    Complex teams & processes

    The Publisher allows your large-scale organization to coordinate complex processes around your social content planning, approval, and execution in a frictionless way.

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