Always in touch with your customers - Google Business Publishing

Tom Merkel
Tom Merkel
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Always in touch with your customers - Google Business Publishing

It has never been easier to stay in touch with your customers - or those who are about to become customers. Every month, numerous searches are made on Google regarding opening hours, current offers, and the location of businesses, institutions, and shops. This is more about facts than storytelling content to convince potential customers – because users are actively searching for your business or similar to yours. So what are the news, offers, and events of your company that you want to communicate to potential and existing customers during their search? Through posts in this network, you can get in touch with customers and create a good customer experience. As you can see, integrating your Google Business profile into your social media strategy makes perfect sense - regardless of the type and industry of your business.

How to publish news on Google Business with Facelift?

In the Publisher, you have the ability to create and publish posts about what's new, offers, and events. Have your opening hours changed? Let all searchers on Google know about your news. Consider your company's current offers and announce time-limited vouchers, discounts, or promotions. An inserted coupon code allows you to track your offer and its performance. You can also use the opportunity to announce upcoming events - be it an open day, a trade fair, or a new opening.


In the post creation process, select Google Business Profiles and choose between the different formats.


Now add your text and a suitable image. Depending on the format of your post, individual parameters can be inserted during the creation process. For offers, you can enter your voucher code and a start and end date for the promotion period. For events, remember to enter a start and end date. You determine what an optional call-to-action should look like by selecting the button during creation. Last but not least, select one or more Google Business profiles on which you want to publish.


In the preview, you have a good overview of the end result that the user will then see when they take a closer look at your company on Google.

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Everything you need to know about publishing via Google Business in Publisher can be found in this Knowledge Base article.

Many business profiles - centrally controlled?

Do you have various branches, locations, and, therefore, Google Business profiles? If your headquarters is responsible for creating templates for several of your locations, it is worth considering a content template in the Facelift Content Pool for Google Publishing. Simply define in advance which profiles and for which locations actions, events, and news should be shared. You can find out more about content templates here.

Oops! You haven't linked your Google Business Profile to Facelift yet? Well, then, let's get started! In this knowledge base article, we explain how you can easily connect your profile.

Have fun creating your first Google Business Profile post!

Tom Merkel
Tom Merkel

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