Update: WhatsApp Message Templates made easy!

Tom Merkel
Tom Merkel
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Update: WhatsApp Message Templates made easy!

As an official WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, facelift offers you the perfect interface to communicate personally and directly with your customers via WhatsApp. Once the 24 hours have expired after receiving a customer message, you can respond to customers with a message template. You can also use these to ask your customer to answer you and this way reopen the 24-hour window for custom, free of cost messages.


This is why we have completely improved the creation and approval process. You don't need our help to get new templates ready to use – this will save a lot of important time.

What happens next, if you have created your message templates?

Once approval has been granted by WhatsApp, you will find the message template saved in your Unified Inbox.


Learn more about message templates

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Tom Merkel
Tom Merkel

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