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About the Company

Falkensteiner Michaeler Tourism Group (FMTG) is a leading privately owned tourism companies in six European countries. Under its umbrella, it unites Falkensteiner Hotels & Residences with 27 four- and five-star hotels, 3 apartment complexes and a premium campsite; the FMTG Development and the tourism consultant Michaeler & Partner. With over 65 years of experience in the tourism industry, Falkensteiner maintains a reputation for luxury and quality across the full spectrum of travel, hospitality, and tourism. FMTG is also famous for its strong commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility

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About the Person

stefan-fmtg-avatar-1Stefan Obrowsky has been working for FMTG for more than 4 years. In his position as senior communications manager, he is responsible for the conceptual design & strategic development of the group-wide social media channels. Stefan shares his knowledge with his team members in internal workshops on the topic of social media & content creation. Additionally, Stefan is the editorial editor of FMTGs successful travel blog called “Travitude” – check it out, it’s worth it!


"Facelift adds a lot of value to our social media marketing. Thanks to the tool we only need to use one platform to regularly add content to our channels, which we can also create in each tool. This facilitates collaboration with the various colleagues in our hotels and offices and saves a lot of time.

The Problem

The travel and hospitality industries have always seen a great deal of popularity and success on social media thanks to their highly photogenic and appealing visual nature, coupled with their adventurousness. Visual platforms, such as Instagram in particular, have been extraordinarily strong marketing and communications channels in the industry, and of course Falkensteiner enjoys success in this arena as well.

However, supporting multiple channels, especially for companies with multiple locations that operate in different countries or languages can be challenging and time-consuming. FMTG, which manages 5 separate corporate accounts for their different locations, 2 hotel accounts and 3 restaurant accounts, were also faced with this problem.

That's why, in 2019, FMTG turned to facelift to help optimize and streamline its social media efforts



The Solution

facelift makes it easier for FMTG to manage all social media channels in one place, streamlining the content creation process and saving time across teams. Thanks to facelift's Publisher tool and its filter functions, FMTG's community management and content scheduling were greatly simplified for their 3-person social media team.

Initially, FMTG primarily used Instagram for traditional feed posts, but has more recently placed greater emphasis on IG Stories and Instagram Reels content.

Products FMTG loves to use:

 Content-Inspiration-Product-Icon Content Inspiration

Social-Share-Product-Icon  Social Share

Publisher-Product-Icon  Publisher


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The Results in Numbers

corporate Accounts
posts per week on all accounts
66 %
more posts on average on German account compared to 2019 (4 posts/week in 2019)

The Solution

The Publisher tool and filter functions offered by facelift are what allow FMTG to prepare and publish its high volume of content quickly and efficiently across all channels, and community management for these was also greatly simplified due to facelift's customizable, single-point inbox.

Thanks to facelift, FMTG has experienced significant growth in both follower count and engagement with their Story content. This has resulted in a boost to views and interactions on page. Some of the most engaging Story elements included stickers, polls, and other questions that generated a direct interface with their followers.

A team of three social media managers requires a high degree of collaboration, and in addition to this dedicated team, input and content from an additional twenty people that supply input from the company's hotels in particular.

“Thanks to the Publisher tool and its filter options, we can see at a glance which content is being viewed through our channels and which topics are performing. This makes internal coordination a lot easier, and topics are not chosen and played out randomly. This is also easier thanks to our own release strategy since the process is clearly regulated and visible and comprehensible for every user."    

Discover how you, too, can create world-class short-form video content on platforms such as Instagram Stories by downloading our free guide to short-form video on social media here. 


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