Improved Community Management with Facelift Salesforce Integration

Brian Powers
Brian Powers
Improved Community Management with Facelift Salesforce Integration

Make no mistake about it, as much as your customer service may like to dispute it, community management is customer service. People form opinions of companies based on their customer service more rapidly than ever, with HubSpot reporting that 89% of customers say they are more likely to return for another purchase after having a positive customer service experience.

On the flip side, 61% of those surveyed have said that a bad CS experience can lead them to cut ties with the brand at once, leaving you with but one chance to secure their favor. No pressure!

The symbiosis of CRM and social media marketing

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Social Media are closely linked and form an important symbiosis in modern marketing. By using social media platforms, companies can gain direct insight into customer behaviour, gather feedback and create targeted marketing campaigns. CRM systems allow this information to be managed effectively and used for personalized customer interactions. Social media also provides a platform for direct customer contact, where companies can respond to questions and concerns. This integration of CRM and social media helps to build long-term customer relationships, better understand customer needs and create tailored offers, ultimately increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the marketing process.

Forging the right customer service experience via social

With so much riding on a social media user's first, fast opinion, a united brand identity, an agile response, and a simple community management/customer service pipeline become more necessary than ever in insuring customer retention and new sales.

We'll say it again: social media community management is customer service! Anyone who says otherwise doesn't understand social media. Unfortunately, this often puts social media managers in the hot seat dealing with a particular business need that they may not be properly trained to do. We get that, which is why we believe in fast, agile, and clutter-free communication between teams.

Your customer service and customer success teams are essential for the customer experience you need, and that the world demands from you today, but it is rare that customer service teams and social media managers have the exact same skillsets.

And that's okay, they don't have to!

So then how do we work around this skill gap without going crazy and ending up with a clogged and rusty info pipeline between teams? Responsive, simple, agile collaboration, of course! And here're a couple of ways that you can make this work without giving yourself a migraine. 

CRM Social Media Management API 

Our API (interface) between CRM and Social Media Marketing is revolutionising customer service for many of our clients by enabling seamless integration and real-time data exchange between these two critical elements. This connection enables companies to instantly identify customer queries and complaints on social media platforms and transfer them to their CRM system. This gives customer service teams access to comprehensive customer profiles and history data, allowing them to better target customer needs and preferences. This leads to faster and more efficient resolution of customer issues, as agents have all relevant information at their fingertips. The CRM Social Media API also enables the automation of tasks such as assigning inquiries to the right agents and creating follow-up actions. Overall, this integration helps to increase customer satisfaction and significantly improve customer service efficiency.

About Salesforce

Salesforce is one of the world's leading customer relationship management (CRM) platforms and an invaluable tool in the tech stacks of countless businesses around the world.

In fact, they're so synonymous with cloud-based CRMs that their actual New York Stock Exchange ticker is literally CRM, and as of September 2022, they are the 61st largest business in the world and the biggest enterprise software solution.

With Salesforce, companies can streamline their sales management, analytics, and internal communications, among many other things, in one cloud-based solution that solves a smorgasbord of business problems that go well beyond just customer management.

Kind of a big deal, and chances are that you or someone you know are already using it. If that person is you, we've got some pretty stellar news and a great new way that you can streamline and improve your customer relationships via social media!

Facelift Salesforce integration

We're happy to announce that facelift has added Salesforce to our existing list of software integrations, offering enhanced inter-departmental communications for social media managers and others.

Facelift's collaboration just went from good to great!

We've always been about connecting teams! Many of facelift's most prominent features, such as our customizable unified inbox, user controls, and content approval process, were designed with inter-departmental, international, or blended team cooperation in mind.

Now, with the integration of facelift and Salesforce, you can streamline the customer service needs of your social media followers to your CSEs by creating Salesforce cases directly for them! 

We know as well as any company that it can be a struggle at times to get information rapidly between departments and receive the necessary response, and also that CRMs exist to help tackle this pain point. With the integration of facelift and Salesforce, we want to make our favorite USP – our convenient collaboration capabilities – a part of the workflow you're already using.

Want to get started with your Salesforce facelift integration? Take a look at our recent product update and follow the simple steps for synchronizing these essential elements of your tech stack for better social media community management and customer service!

Pre-made customer service templates 

Social media community management may be customer service, but social media managers are not necessarily customer service providers, and they shouldn't be expected to suit this role perfectly.

Instead, they need to be equipped with the right tools for the job, and one of those tools could be customer service templates!

We've gone ahead and made a whole bunch of customer service templates that your social media management team can take advantage of for creating a unified brand message when dealing with customers.

You can access these templates for free right here! We've covered a wide variety of common customer service needs that social media users often present to community managers via direct message or via comments on social media content. The templates are customizable so you can fill in your own company information and adjust it according to tone and style.

There are also blank templates included that you can fill in for your social media managers so they are always prepared with pre-determined lines chosen by your experts. You can even give them to your customer service specialists themselves to fill in! Let the pros write the texts according to your brand guidelines so your community managers don't have to ask every time!

Having a united brand tone, style, and consistency across customer service responses is essential for all customer-facing personnel at a company, and with our templates, you can create these for yourself, turning customer service on social into a quick copy and paste affair!

Using standardized templates is important in customer service because speed is of the essence. A customer or potential customer who does not receive the answers she needs promptly will disappear in the blink of an eye, never to return.

You can prevent that from happening.

Make a community management checklist

Of course, not all community management falls under customer support. For everything else, it's still necessary to keep a regular, consistent community engagement strategy and mechanism that works for your team and business goals.

Not every issue calls for a pre-written response, and often a call to customer service is extreme, time-consuming, and unnecessary. In that case we've also got you covered.

You can download our free daily social media community management checklist to make sure that your team is doing everything right with minimal oversight. Get started right herebanner-free-trial-1Not yet a Facelift user? Give us a shot with our free 2-week trial. Not only can you improve your customer support via enhanced community management, but you can also greatly simplify your content planning and scheduling, analyze your performance data, and far more. Take a look here!

Brian Powers
Brian Powers

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