Say Hello to the New Engage!

Karina Försch
Karina Försch
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Say Hello to the New Engage!

At Facelift we always work hard to provide great software, and as promised we’ve got even more major updates. This time, we’re introducing a live preview mode of Engage. This preview is an early look into the upgraded successor to our community management tool! It has the features you’ve always relied on for interacting with your communities, but we’ve seriously redecorated and revamped. We wanted everything to feel familiar yet fresher and more intuitive, but most importantly more efficient than ever before.

Why Speed and Efficiency Matter:

When you're managing your community on social, sometimes every second counts. We understand that seamless interaction with your audience is crucial, and that’s why we're making it easier and faster. Enhanced efficiency ensures that every action, from navigating messages to switching between platforms, happens in a more user-friendly space. Furthermore, this live preview gives you the opportunity to speak to us!

A Refreshed Design:

Engage now features a revamped design. We think it looks way better, but it's not just about aesthetics; it’s about making your tasks simpler and your workflow smoother. To experience the new Engage, click "To Preview Version" on the upper right. You can always return to classic Engagement. There, you can leave your feedback and ask questions by selecting "Feedback" on the upper right of your dashboard.

Here’s what else is new with Engage:

  1. TikTok community management: Engage directly with your vibrant TikTok community with Engage! Now you can add TikTok to your inboxes and connect with audiences more seamlessly than ever.
  2. Drafts and collaboration made easy: If you’ve ever started to reply to a message, then been taken away for some reason, you understand the frustration! Now you can save your replies as drafts! Even better, your team can see and contribute to drafts, too!
  3. Easy sharing: Need a colleague to review or proofread your work or sign off on a post? Link comments directly with other Facelift users on your team!
  4. Direct LinkedIn replies: Engage now lets you respond to LinkedIn company comments right from your personal LinkedIn profile, directly through the platform.
  5. Collision detection: Avoid the awkward "double reply" with our new collision detection feature, which shows you when a colleague is already handling a message.

Coming soon:

  • Answer optimization: with AI support: Get ready for AI that helps you craft the perfect response to your messages while also ensuring quality writing.
  • Focus View: Introducing a new way to manage your tasks—Focus View minimizes distractions, allowing you to concentrate on one task at a time.
  • Accessibility support: We're making Engage more user-friendly! Soon, users will be able to use Engage with just a keyboard, no mouse required.

Hot on the heels of the recent launch of our new and improved data and reporting tool, Analyze. We wanted to keep the momentum going with more big updates and overhauls. Check out the new features of Engage with our exclusive preview (and Analyze, if you haven’t!). At the moment you can still switch back to your old community management and leave the Engage preview mode. Try it out and don't forget to leave your feedback!

Have fun while sliding in DMs and Comments!

Karina Försch
Karina Försch

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